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tesa® Instant Glue gel

tesa Instant Glue Gel is a super glue offering extremely high bonding power. Use it for quick and easy repairs in combination with almost all materials.

  • Ideal for fast repairs to small smooth surfaces
  • Quick, strong bond
  • Excellent long-term results, due to high cold and heat resistance

Order no:
Dimensions: 4.5g

Main features

  • Ideal for fast repairs to small smooth surfaces
  • Quick, strong bond
  • Excellent long-term results, due to high cold and heat resistance

Product description

tesa Instant Glue Gel comes in a small tube but offers extremely high bonding power. This powerful super glue reliably sticks almost all materials. It offers strong bonding almost instantly. Use this highly effective repair glue as a super glue or for any situation requiring instant adhesive powers with durable effects. It is the perfect solution to repair particularely small items or take care of local damages. Plus it offers excellent long-term results due to high cold and heat resistance.
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This extra powerful super glue offers instant bonding with long-term results. It is simply the best glue for most types of plastic and offes satisfying results in combination with just about all materials.

Super glue that sticks instantly

Things usually break at the „wrong“ time. If small items need to be fixed on the spot, tesa Instant Glue Gel is the perfect super glue. It offers extremely high adhesive power and often comes in handy as a glass glue or leather glue that offers instant bonding without ifs or buts.

Fast bonding of just about any material

No matter what materials you want to stick, tesa Instant Glue Gel is likely to offer superior results. It works in combination with just about all types of materials, such as felt, foil, textiles or fabrics, rubber, wood, ceramics, cork, plastics, metal, porcelain, stone, foam plastic or cellular rubber. It is particularely suited to stick small objects with smooth surfaces and guarantees instant bonding after applying only a tiny amount of glue.

Long-term results in any environment

Using tesa Instant Glue Gel you not only get instant results without having to wait for the glue to dry. This instant bonding agent also offers high heat and cold resistance. This means you can easily repair just about anything and get long-term results under almost all ambient conditions. Any accidental stains can be removed with aceton.