tesa® Insect Stop FALT Foldable aluminum frame, window, telescopic

Foldable aluminum insect screen for windows

  • Fast: the unique and patented tesa folding mechanism saves time during assembly
  • Simple: fly screen construction for mounting without tools
  • Flexible: adjustable for window dimensions from 80cm x 80cm to 140cm x 140cm

Order no:
Dimensions: 1,40m x 1,40m

Main features

  • Fast: the unique and patented tesa folding mechanism saves time during assembly
  • Simple: fly screen construction for mounting without tools
  • Flexible: adjustable for window dimensions from 80cm x 80cm to 140cm x 140cm
  • Success guarantee due to pre-assembled aluminum frame
  • Safe protection from flying insect with perfect visibility and better ventilation through Clear View Ultra net, featuring especially thin fibres
  • 5 years warranty

Product description

The tesa® foldable aluminum frame, telescopic is the easiest aluminum frame to mount. It adjusts to most windows' dimensions, providing longlasting protection against insects.
It takes three easy steps to install the high-quality and innovative tesa® Insect Stop foldable aluminum frame telescopic without any sawing: unfold the frame, pull apart the frame, determine the size, clamp the fabric, hang it in the window without drilling - ready! The Clear View Ultra mesh allows improved ventilation thanks to it's especially thin fibres.
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Fly screen with unique folding mechanism for safe insect protection
The tesa® Insect Stop FALT - foldable aluminum frame, telescopic, convinces with a novel folding mechanism for quick assembly and highest product quality for long service life. The unique and patent-protected folding mechanism enables the fastest aluminum frame assembly on the market. The assembly is possible without tools and therefore without drilling and previous knowledge. In addition, the infinitely adjustable frame profiles facilitate flexible adjustment to the dimensions of your window size and take easily care of a success guarantee with the assembly of the insect protection window.

The fly screen assembly for windows has never been so simple
The high-quality and innovative tesa® FALT foldable aluminum frame, telescopic, can be attached conveniently, drill-free, and without a saw in just a few simple steps:
1)      Unfold the fly screen frame due to unique folding mechanism
2)      Adjust the size of the telescopic frame to the dimensions of the window and fix the frame size
3)      Cling tesa® fly net made of Clear View Ultra fabric
4)      Hook in fly screen window without drilling – ready is the safe insect protection without restrictions when opening & closing the window (for tilt & turn windows opening in interior direction)
Thanks to the unique FOLD-mechanism, the tesa® fly screen frame is pre-assembled in such a way that the aluminum frame can be removed from the packaging in one piece and does not have to be sawn into shape at any time during assembly. The corner connectors, which give the fly screen windows a stable hold at all four corners, are also already installed. The product has been adapted to the needs of a simple construction and provides a safe mosquito protection for your home, since there have been reports of mosquitoes in Europe that can transmit dangerous deseases like dengue or nile fever.
The tesa® FOLD - foldable aluminum frame can be flexibly adjusted in height and width thanks to the telescopic frame. When the frame is retracted, the fly screen window measures 80x80cm and can be pulled apart individually to a size of 140x140cm. By this possibility of the size adjustment from 80x80cm to 140x140cm this fly screen window is suitable for almost all standard windows. Within the minimum and maximum dimensions, you can easily install your own custom-made window yourself.
Save time with unique and new tesa® FOLD- mechanism
In addition to the success guarantee during the assembly of the stable tesa® fly screen, the specially developed folding mechanism enables a considerable reduction in time when installing the fly screen for windows compared to conventional aluminum fly screen frames. This mechanism eliminates the need for several work steps because the fly screen frame is pre-assembled. The telescopic tesa® aluminum frame completely eliminates the need for time-consuming measuring and sawing of the frame. Also, the individual frame parts do not have to be joined together as usual using corner joints. All these simplifications save a lot of time, which can be used for other activities or hobbies, especially in spring or summer.
Drill-free installation enables easy window cleaning and storage
Thanks to the drilling-free suspension in the window, the tesa® Insect Stop FOLD - foldable aluminum frame, telescopic, can be removed from the window at any time without tools. Whether for cleaning the window frames or for storing the fly screen after the insect season. The tesa® aluminum frame can be uninstalled in just a few steps. This means that the fly screen frame can be stored dry in the basement in winter, for example, and is not exposed to weather conditions. However, this is not a must, because the high-quality and robust material can withstand any weather conditions, so that the warranty period for the entire product is a full 5 years.