tesa® handicrafts tape

tesa® Handicrafts tape is a highly versatile double-sided self-adhesive tape for home decorating and crafting. It offers strong adhesion on many surfaces.

  • Double-sided adhesion
  • With release paper so it can be pressed down firmly
  • Very good adhesion

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Dimensions: 2.75m x 38mm

Main features

  • Double-sided adhesion
  • With release paper so it can be pressed down firmly
  • Very good adhesion
  • Ideal on rough and irregular surfaces
  • Easy to separate by hand
  • High resistance to ageing

Product description

tesa® Handicrafts tape is a highly versatile tape that enables a wide range of applications. It is a highly flexible self-adhesive mounting tape equipped with a strong adhesive coating on both sides. The 38 mm wide tape offers strong and durable adhesion even when it is stuck on slightly rough or irregular surfaces. It can easily be torn by hand and comes with an integrated separation paper for easy application. Use this strong mounting tape with high resistance against ageing for decorating, crafting and attaching paper or any other flat and light objects.
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When it comes to home decorating and crafting, a both-sided self-adhesive tape is a practical and easy mounting option. The tesa® Handicrafts tape combines a set of unique characteristics that sum up to easy application and strong adhesion. br>

Double sided handicraft tape

The tesa® Handicrafts tape is a 38 mm wide tape coated with a highly effective bonding agent on both sides. It Is packed to a roll containing 2.75 m of tape separated by a special release paper. The tape can be precisely cut to size, but can also be torn easily by hand.

Adhesive tape with long-time adhesion

The tesa® Handicrafts tape is ideal for crafting and home decorating. It not only offers excellent adhesion. It is also highly resistant against ageing. Use it as a permanent self-adhesive tape with the power of a craft glue for a wide range of applications that require durable and reliable adhesion for a long time.

Double sided hobbycraft tape for a wide range of surfaces

This double-sided self-adhesive tape will even work on surfaces that a slightly rough and not absolutely flat. Simply cut or tear a strip of tape at the required length, firmly press it against the surface and remove the release paper. It is ideal to firmly hold any type of wall covering and even flat and light decorative objects. For best adhesion prepare all surfaces with alcohol or a silicone-free detergent.

Decorating and crafting

The tesa® Handicrafts tape is an ideal self-adhesive tape for any art and craft ideas. Kids use it to attach Easter crafts or mother's day crafts, hobbyists appreciate it as a permanent tape for all kinds of handicrafts.