tesa® handicrafts graphics crêpe

tesa ® Handicrafts graphics crêpe is a versatile self-adhesive paper tape. It is meant to fix plans & drawings and can easily be removed without leaving traces.

  • Extremely thin backing
  • Easy to remove without trace

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Main features

  • Extremely thin backing
  • Easy to remove without trace

Product description

tesa ® Handicrafts graphics crêpe is exactly what the name indicates: a versatile crêpe tape made of extremely thin paper with a special self-adhesive backing. It is the standard tool for constructors and designers who use it to attach large-format construction plans and design drawings for processing and presentation. The tape takes care of reliable fixation and can be removed easily without leaving any visible traces.
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Constructors use it to attach their large construction plans to the drawing board. Designers use it to stick their drawings to the wall for display and presentation. Hobbyists have discovered it for any situation that calls for temporary fixing. The tesa ® Handicrafts graphics crêpe is a very special type of tape designed to support a wide variety of professional and handicraft applications.

Versatile architecture tape

Architects and other designers typically have to handle numerous large-size construction plans and drawings. tesa ® Handicrafts graphics crêpe is the standard tool to fix such documents onto the drawing board or display it on the wall for discussion and overview.

Practical write-on graphics crepe

The tesa ® Handicrafts graphics crêpe is made from extremely thin paper equipped with a special self-adhesive backing. It is not only perfect to attach paper onto any flat and sufficiently smooth surface. It can also be written on to identify the respective drawing or add explanatory notes to it.

Easy to attach and remove

The tesa ® Handicrafts graphics crêpe will reliably fix plans, sketches and drawings onto any flat and smooth surface. But it will do so without permanently attaching to the paper. And it features a type of bonding agent that that allows removing the tape anytime without leaving any visible traces.

Temporary fixating for hobby and crafting

Whether it is Easter crafts for kids, mother's day crafts or all kinds of preschool activities, tesa ® Handicrafts graphics crêpe is a highly versatile tape that always comes in handy. Especially children and hobbyists appreciate the fact that it provides solid fixation while offering the option to remove or re-arrange things anytime.