tesa® handicrafts double-sided fleece

tesa ® Double-sided fleece is a double-sided self-adhesive fleece tape for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. It is extra thin for good adhesion & easy separation.

  • Double-sided adhesion
  • With release paper so it can be pressed down firmly
  • Transparent

Order no:
Dimensions: 10m x 15mm

Main features

  • Double-sided adhesion
  • With release paper so it can be pressed down firmly
  • Transparent
  • Good adhesion
  • Easy to separate by hand
  • Extra thin
  • In decorative container for protected storage
  • High resistance to ageing

Product description

tesa ® Double-sided fleece is a very special self-adhesive tape. It is an extra thin fleece tape equipped with a self-adhesive coating on both sides. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts not only love it for its reliable adhesion. They also appreciate the fact that is resistant against ageing and can be separated easily by hand. Use this highly versatile fleece tape for handicraft and paper decoration. It comes in a decorative tin box that serves as a protective container for long-time storage.
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tesa ® Double-sided fleece is a very special self-adhesive tape. It is an extra thin fleece tape equipped with a highly effective self-adhesive coating on both sides. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts love it for its versatility and reliability.

Versatile tape for art and craft

Maybe you have small children and need a safe double-sided self-adhesive tape that is ideal for crafts for kids or any other preschool activities. Or you are into handicraft and home decorating and appreciate a thin and narrow tape for easy bonding. tesa ® Double-sided fleece is a versatile solution for many art and craft ideas, such as selfmade gifts or holiday decorations.

Easy application for easy crafting

tesa ® Double-sided fleece is equipped with a release paper that supports fast and easy application. Simply stick the tape onto any dry, flat and sufficiently smooth surface and firmly press it on to ensure good adhesion. Remove the release paper to expose the other self-adhesive side and press the object to be attached against it.

Ready whenever you need it

tesa ® Double-sided fleece ist a double-sided self-adhesive tape with a width of 15 mm. It comes in a decorative round tin container containing a roll of 10 meters of tape. The container serves to adequately protect the tape and helps to maintain its adhesive powers even during storage over prolonged periods of time.