tesa® Flooring Tape Residue-free Removal

tesa ® Flooring Tape Residue-free Removal is a double-sided self-adhesive carpet and PVC flooring tape that is textile reinforced and allows residue free removal

  • For fixation of all carpet and PVC flooring materials
  • Sticks to many types of floor and is removable without leaving residue 1
  • Double-sided adhesive

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Main features

  • For fixation of all carpet and PVC flooring materials
  • Sticks to many types of floor and is removable without leaving residue 1
  • Double-sided adhesive
  • Textile reinforced
  • Easy to tear by hand
1 Application notice: Not suitable for natural stone floors

Product description

Don't worry about ruining the floor if you want to cover it with a carpet or a PVC flooring of your choice. tesa ® Flooring Tape Residue-free Removal is not only a double-sided self-adhesive carpet tape that combines strong adhesion with easy removal. It is also the preferred fixation tape for sensitive floor surfaces, since it can be pulled off the floor without leaving any visible traces of bonding agent. The tape is textile reinforced to offer extra strong fixation of any carpet or PVC flooring. Yet it can simply be torn by hand for easy application without the need of tools.
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If you live in a rented apartment you might hesitate to cover the floor with a carpet or any PVC material of your choice. After all, there is the danger that the required carpet fixation tape might ruin the floor with residues of bonding agent that do not come off. The same might be true if you simply want to leave the option open to remove the carpet one day. For such situations, tesa ® Flooring Tape Residue-free Removal is the perfect answer.

Removable yet reliable fixation

The secret of tesa ® Flooring Tape Residue-free Removal is a special self-adhesive backing that offers strong and reliable adhesion, yet allows removing the PVC and carpet fixation tape without leaving any visible traces. That is especially interesting if your home is equipped with sensitive or valuable floors that you do not want to ruin with residues of bonding agent.

Easy application for strong adhesion

For extra reliable fixation, this removable self-adhesive flooring tape features a textile reinforced tape equipped with a highly effective adhesive coating on both sides. Yet, despite its superior strength the tape can easily be torn by hand. This allows fast and easy attachment to the floor while you can rest assured that the carpet or PVC flooring will reliably stay in place.

Many floors and any carpet

The tesa ® Flooring Tape Residue-free Removal combines flexibility with versatility. It can be used as a removable adhesive flooring tape that matches just about all types of carpets or PVC-based flooring materials. At the same time it offers superior adhesion on most floor surfaces, provided they are dry, clean and sufficiently firm.

1 The carpet tape is not suitable for floors made of natural stone.