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tesa® Double-sided Tape ECO FIXATION

tesa Double-sided tape ECO FIXATION is a self-adhesive tape for handicraft and carpet fixation. It is solvent-free and made from 100% recycled plastic.

  • Strong double-sided adhesive
  • Easy to tear by hand
  • 100% recycled plastic

Order no:

Main features

  • Strong double-sided adhesive
  • Easy to tear by hand
Environmental aspects:
  • 100% recycled plastic
  • Solvent-free adhesive
  • Packaging made of recycled shrinking foil

Product description

tesa® Double-Sided Tape ECO FIXATION is not only an ideal sustainable floor tape to securely fasten a carpet on any surface. It is also a strong double-sided self-adhesive tape for decorating and handicraft. This highly versatile tape is made from 100% recycled plastic and is equipped with a solvent-free adhesive coating. It is an environment-friendly double-sided tape that offers superior adhesion can easily be torn by hand to simplify mounting.
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Related applications

tesa® Double-Sided Tape ECO FIXATION is a self-adhesive tape that combines easy and reliable fixation with environment-friendly aspects.

Ideal floor tape for reliable fixation

The typical application of tesa® Double-Sided Tape ECO FIXATION is the use as a double-sided carpet tape. It strongly sticks to almost any floor surface and reliably takes care of it that carpets stay in position. Since the tape can be torn easily by hand, attaching it is fast and easy.

Easy handling for fast application

For easy application, simply tear off a strip of tape with the required length. Press all areas of the tape to the surface. Pull off the liner and attach whatever needs to be fixed. That's it. From now on you can rely on strong bonding power to keep things in place.

Versatile use for handicraft and decoration

tesa® Double-Sided Tape ECO FIXATION is a highly versatile double-sided mounting tape. It will attach to any sufficiently smooth surface and can be used for handicraft and home decorating. Use it for any situation involving objects that have a flat surface and need to be fixed reliably.

Sustainable and environment-friendly

tesa® Double-Sided Tape ECO FIXATION combines sustainability with functionality. It is the right sustainable double-sided fixation tape for an environment-friendly world. To reduce the exploitation of natural resources it is made from 100% recycled plastics. It uses a solvent-free adhesive coating. Even the shrink-foil packaging is made of recycled material.