tesa® Brilliant Notes

tesa® Brilliant Notes come in four attractive colours that catch attention. They are great office helpers to remind you of everything you do not want to forget.

  • tesa® Brilliant Notes catch the eye with bright colours
  • For marking and labeling
  • Good adhesion

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Dimensions: 0.05 m : 40.0 mm

Main features

  • tesa® Brilliant Notes catch the eye with bright colours
  • For marking and labeling
  • Good adhesion
  • Easy to remove
  • Solvent-free
  • Good paper quality
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • In modish blue, yellow, pink and purple

Product description

tesa® Brilliant Notes are refreshingly different. These stickies come in four eye-catching colours that will brighten up your office life and help you to remember all those things that are too important to be overlooked. Stick hte adhesive notes on the wall, your pin board or on your computer monitor – wherever you can be sure that you will not overlook them. Use them to add notes to documents and let them help you to organize your work processes. They come in two sizes and feature a self-adhesive coating for reliable adhesion and easy removal.
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Stickies are everywhere. Both at home and in the office they are still the most favored organizing tool people use to remember things, add notes to documents or quickly pass on a message. They are the office equipment that has survived the computer age and will continue to be part of our lives because the paperless office is nowhere to be seen. tesa® Brilliant Notes follow the tradition. But they do it in a more lively, more colorful, more effective way.

Sticky notes in fresh colors

tesa® Brilliant Notes stand out from the rest. They are different than conventional sticky notes. They do not only come in plain yellow, but offer four friendly colors to support your memory and organize your life. So feel free to add some more color to your office life while you keep things under control.

Two sizes and three formats

There is a difference between a note you want to stick to the wall and one that you want to attach to a documents For this reason, tesa® Brilliant Notes do not only come in various colors. They are also available in two sizes. While the small 50x40 mm sticky notes are ideal for document processing, the 75x75 mm stickies are big enough to catch your attention, wherever you want to be reminded of something. While both sizes come in blocks of 80 sheets, the later one is also available in a cube with 320 sheets.

Self-adhesive notes for easy removal

tesa® Brilliant Notes are made of good quality paper equipped with a strip of self-adhesive coating on the back of each note. You can also attach them on paper or any other smooth surface and can remove them anytime without leaving any traces. Besides: the self-adhesive coating is free from any toxic solvents so even your children can safely use these sticky notes for anything that is important to them.