tesa® BASIC Stick

The tesa® BASIC Stick is the universal glue stick made for easy glueing of cardboard and paper. It features a solvent-free glue that can be washed out by hand.

  • Perfect for paper and cardboard
  • Quick and clean usage
  • Can be washed out by hand

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Main features

  • Perfect for paper and cardboard
  • Quick and clean usage
  • Can be washed out by hand

Product description

There is no easier way to stick paper or cardboard than using a tesa® BASIC Stick. This universal glue stick is a versatile office equipment and also comes in handy for many household applications. It offers reliable bonding with truly easy handling. Holding it diagonally allows applying thin strips of glue while holding it vertically applies the right amount of glue to larger surfaces. The solvent-free glue is both non-toxic and odorless. It is formulated for easy spreading and allows clean and easy application. To remove unwanted residues, simply wash them out by hand.

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The tesa® BASIC Stick is the universal glue stick for a wide range of applications at home and in the office.

The clean and easy way of glueing

Forget about spilled glue and sticky fingers. With the tesa® BASIC Stick, glueing is an easy procedure with durable results. Holding the glue stick at an angle will apply a thin line of glue for precise bonding. Holding it vertically will apply the glue perfectly for attaching larger surfaces. A dosing knob at the end of the stick allows precise dosing, while a flexible cap protects the glueing paste from drying out.

Multi purpose glue for paper

The tesa® BASIC Stick is the ideal glue stick to stick anything made of paper or cardboard.

Mini glue stick for home and office

The tesa® BASIC Stick always comes in handy when it comes to attaching two or multiple pieces of paper. This makes it an indispensable helper for any office or home office. But it is also ideal for crafting, sticking photographic prints into an album or any everyday situation requiring fast and reliable bonding of paper, cardboard an many other materials.

Three sizes prepared for any application

The tesa® BASIC Stick is available in three different sizes containing 8, 21 or 36 g of multi-purpose glue in a pasty form. The largest version is ideal for applying glue to larger areas, while the smallest glue stick is the perfect companion for the highly mobile work style of today.

Perfect adhesion, easy removal

The tesa® BASIC Stick takes the hassle out of glueing. In case any glue gets spilled on the table, your clothes or any other surface, simply wipe it off with a damp cloth or wash it out by hand without having to worry about residues.

Safe and non-toxic craft stick

The glue used for tesa® BASIC Sticks is not only odorless. It is also non-toxic and solvent-free. This is especially important if you have children who ask for a safe glue to unleash their fantasy and surprise you with fantastic objects.