tesa® Anti-Slip Tape Glow

Reflecting and highly adhesive anti slip tape for safety in slippery areas

  • Extremely strong and durable fluorescent tape
  • Very strong adhesion
  • Glows in the dark up to 20 minutes

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Dimensions: 5m x 25mm

Main features

  • Extremely strong and durable fluorescent tape
  • Very strong adhesion
  • Glows in the dark up to 20 minutes
  • Hand-tearable
  • Resistant to water, temperature, UV and cleaning agents

Product description

Our reflecting, self-adhesive anti slip tape reduces the danger of accidents in slippery areas. Since it glows for up to 20 minutes in the dark, it provides additional protection at night. It is fitted with a fluorescent material that can’t be missed. The reflecting adhesive tape has a high adhesive performance and can be used nearly everywhere due to its resistance towards UV light, extreme temperatures and cleaning agents both indoors and outdoors. Even on boats and yachts, the "glow in the dark tape" provides safety for every step since it is also waterproof. You can comfortably tear off the fluorescent adhesive tape by hand.
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The tesa® Anti-Slip Fluorescent Tape does not only offer superior adhesion on any slippery surface. It is also an UV-proof tape able to withstand prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and will maintain its function even during extremely cold weather. The tape is weather proof and waterproof and resistant against cleaning agents.

More safety on slippery floors.

The anti slip tape is a smart invention. Wherever people can’t be sure of their footing, it reduces the danger of accidents. This applies in particular to staircases, ramps, ladders or even boats.
Reflecting adhesive tape also protects in the dark.At night or when the visibility is poor, the risk of slipping and getting hurt increases. To mark off dangerous areas, we have developed an adhesive tape that glows in the dark.
Slipping and falling can get expensive.If slippery floors are not sufficiently secured, especially at night, this can have unpleasant consequences. This applies of course to the injured person but possibly also to those who may have neglected security.

The fluorescent adhesive tape can be comfortably used.

For affixing the "glow in the dark tape", you won’t need any scissors. You can tear it off by hand and just stick it in place. For the reflecting adhesive tape to develop its maximum adhesive performance, the surface should be free of dirt, fat, dust and oil.