tesa® Anti-Slip Strips

tesa® Anti-Slip Strips are a must for all floors that tend to be slippery. Use them on steps, ramps, ladders, boat hulls and other critical surfaces.

  • Extremely strong and durable strips
  • Very strong adhesion
  • Hand-tearable

Order no:
Dimensions: 4 strips 0.6m x 20mm

Main features

  • Extremely strong and durable strips
  • Very strong adhesion
  • Hand-tearable
  • Resistant to water, temperature, UV and cleaning agents

Product description

tesa® Anti-Slip Strips are simply a must for fall prevention on stair treads and all slippery floors that are prone to accidents. They are designed for extra strong adhesion under almost all conditions and are resistant against water, high and low temperatures, cleaning agents and the UV-rays contained in the sunlight. Provided in a package containing 4 strips of 20 mm wide tape, you can easily cut them by hand and attach them to any sufficiently flat surface that is free from dirt, oil and grease. Typical applications are steps, ramps, ladders, boat hulls and other critical surfaces.
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Slippery floors and accident prone stair treads are a source of accidents that can cause serious physical injuries and may even lead to liability issues. tesa® Anti-Slip Strips are an effective means to counteract such dangers.

Active fall prevention the easy way

With tesa® Anti-Slip Strips creating a non-slip flooring or non-slip stair treads is anything but difficult. These highly effective strips provide a rough surface that considerably improves the grip of slippery areas. They represent an active means of trip prevention on areas such as steps, ramps, ladders or even boat hulls.

Non-slip flooring in four simple steps

tesa® Anti-Slip Strips are provided in a practical package containing 4 strips with a length of 60 cm each. They are hand-tearable and ready to apply. Simply prepare the surface, cut or tear the anti-slip strip to the required length, remove the protective covering and stick it onto the floor or tep.

Anti slip strips for fast mounting

These anti-slip strips will reliably attach to just about any sufficiently smooth and firm surface. They are equipped with a special self-adhesive backing that provides extreme adhesion for reliable safety. The only thing you need to do is clean the surface and prepare it with either alcohol or a silicone-free detergent.

Extreme weather resistance for durable safety

The tesa® Anti-Slip Strips do not only offer extremely good adhesion. They are also durably resistant to water and cleaning agents. They do not react to extremely high or low temperatures and are not affected by the deteriorating effects of the UV rays contained in the sunlight.