How to use the tesa® Adhesive Nail for Tiles & Metal 3kg.

Using the tesa® Adhesive Nail for Tiles & Metal 3kg

The smart way to mount or hang objects on smooth and solid surfaces.

Step-by-step video tutorial

Click through the tabs in this step-by-step video to see how quick and easy it is to get your projects – and your possessions – off the ground.

How to use the tesa® Adhesive Nail for Tiles & Metal 3kg

Our Adhesive Nails are as simple to use as they are reliable. No hassle, no fuss, no hammering – and no ugly holes when you want to remove them. Take a moment to look through our step-by-step guide and find out how to use them. Not suitable for wallpaper, plaster, copper, brass, marble, coated paper or non-stick and porous materials.

Cleaning the surface.

01Cleaning your surface

Dirt and grease can interfere with the nail’s adhesive properties, so use a clean cloth and a little rubbing alcohol or methylated spirit get your surface spotlessly clean. Avoid detergents that contain silicone as this will make the surface ‘non-stick’ – even to an Adhesive Nail! Allow the surface to dry.

Applying the Adhesive Strip.

02Apply the Adhesive Strip

Using the tab, peel an Adhesive Strip off without touching the adhesive surface itself. Then press the strip vertically to your freshly cleaned and dry surface.

Activating the Powerstrips® Technology.

03Bind the strip to the surface

Press down firmly across the entire surface for 5 seconds to activate the Powerstrips® Technology.

Attaching tesa® Adhesive Nails for Tiles & Metal 3kg.

04Attach the nail

Peel the protective foil from the nail. Carefully align the nail with the top edge of the strip, with the head of the nail at the top, and fold the nail down onto the adhesive area immediately above the red line.

Securing tesa® Adhesive Nails for Tiles & Metal 3kg.

05Secure the nail

Now all you need to do it press down firmly with both thumbs at the top of the nail for 5 seconds and for another 5 seconds at the bottom of the nail. Now repeat steps 2 to 5 to affix the second nail.

Mounting with tesa® Adhesive Nails for Tiles & Metal 3kg.

06Mount the object

You can hang just about anything up to 3kg on these nails – or 6kg if you’re using two. As well as a kitchen tidy, you could hang plant pots, tool racks – even shelves. Because they’re removable, you can mount things, take them down and move them around in a matter of minutes.

Removing tesa® Adhesive Nails for Tiles & Metal 3kg.

07Removing the Adhesive Nail

To remove an Adhesive Nail, just take hold of the head of the nail with one hand and take a firm hold of the exposed tab with the other. Without pressing the nail onto the surface, gently stretch the Adhesive Strip down in parallel to the surface and NOT away from it. This action releases the thousands of tiny individual bonds that make up the adhesive surface. Pulling diagonally makes this harder to do – and you’re more likely to damage your surface as a result.