Using the tesa® Adhesive Hook for Transparent & Glass 1kg

Using the tesa® Adhesive Hook for Transparent & Glass 1kg

The almost invisible way to mount fixtures and decorations.

Step-by-step video tutorial

Click through the tabs in this step-by-step video to see how quick and easy it is to get your projects – and your possessions – off the ground.

How to use the tesa® Adhesive Hook Transparent & Glass 1kg

There’s no easier way to mount your possessions on transparent surfaces like glass doors and windows than with an Adhesive Hook. No mess, no fuss – and no sticky residue when you remove it, either. Not suitable for the following surfaces: silicon, stain resistant paints and PTFE.


Clean the glass

Use a dust-free cloth and a little alcohol or methylated spirit to clean off any dirt or grease. You could also use detergent, but steer clear of ones with silicone in them as they’ll make the glass non-stick – even to something as sticky as an Adhesive Hook. Your surface should be dry before you start.

tesa SE
Cleaning the glass.


Attach the strip to the hook

Now peel the adhesive strip off its backing using the tab, taking care not to touch the adhesive surface. Apply the strip vertically to the hook (ensuring that the tab is still accessible) and then pinch them together firmly over the whole surface for 5 seconds – this activates the bonds in the Powerstrips® Technology. You can also attach the strip to the surface first and afterwards stick the hook to the strip.

tesa SE
Positioning the Adhesive Strip.


Attach the hook to the surface

Now remove the protective foil from the Adhesive Strip to expose the adhesive layer. Mount it on the glass and then take another 5 seconds to press down firmly at the top of the hook and again at the bottom.

tesa SE
Attaching tesa® Adhesive Hooks for Transparent & Glass 1kg.


Mount your item

Now you’re ready to hang just about anything – decorations such as window vases, of course, but also more practical items like a washing-up tidy or lightweight pinboard. And remember, one hook will hold up to 1kg, and two will handle 2kg.

tesa SE
Mounting with tesa® Adhesive Hooks for Transparent & Glass 1kg.


Removing the hook

Removing an Adhesive Hook is even easier than putting one up. Simply take hold of the hook with one hand and get a firm grip on the tab at the bottom of the strip with the other. Now pull downwards, parallel to the glass, without pressing the hook to the glass. (Pulling diagonally or using your fingernails might cause the strip to break.) This stretching motion releases the thousands of tiny bonds that make up the adhesive surface.

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Removing tesa® Adhesive Hooks for Transparent & Glass 1kg.