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Taking corporate responsibility is part of tesa’s corporate philosophy. Based on the conviction that all sides win, we take action at several levels worldwide, in the form of donations, supporting memberships and sponsorships as well as through volunteer engagements on the part of employees.

tesa connects: Global Strategy, Local Implication

Help, donate, sponsor, protect - these are the four pillars of the "tesa connects" corporate citizenship program. The objective is to take an approach that makes it easy for employees worldwide to get involved for the good of society in a meaningful way. At the same time, the program creates a bridge to tesa's core competencies and strengths, its inventiveness and spirit of ingenuity, orientation towards solutions, practical support and team spirit.

tesa supports: Recruiting the Next Generation of Employees

In this field we combine educational projects with which we intend to open up future prospects for children and young people. The focus is on the topics of science and technology.

mint:pink at tesa
tesa is actively supporting the mint:pink program.

Getting Youth Interested in STEM Careers
tesa SE in Germany has been partnering with the natural sciences and technology initiative, NAT since 2014. NAT networks schools with universities, colleges, and technology-driven companies in Hamburg and the surrounding metropolitan area. The objective is to make it possible for adolescents to get a wide range of insights into various occupational fields. In the programs “90 Minutes of STEM" (STEM = science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and “mint:pink”, a support program to promote girls' participation in STEM. tesa also provides financial support for the NAT initiative with a supporting membership.

Global Sponsoring for Educational Initiatives
In Turkey, tesa supports the organization “Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey,” which offers extracurricular education programs for children. In Mexico, tesa subsidizes the regional office of “Fundacion para la Proteccion de la niñez,” which provides scholarships for learning English as a second language. In India, tesa supports the organization “Nanhi Kali,” which offers primary school education opportunities to disadvantaged young girls. Since September 2015, tesa tape North America has been sponsoring “EcoCAR,” a four-year study program based on developing an energy-efficient, high-performance vehicle. 

tesa helps: Being there for Others as a Good Neighbor

Neighbors helping neighbors in the immediate vicinity of our sites - tha's the principle behind "tesa helps". All over the world, local tesa teams pitch in to help with projects and support their communities.

Volunteering help is one pillar of tesa's social engagement program
Volunteering help is one pillar of tesa's social engagement program.

Commitment and involvement in Germany 
In Germany, tesa cooperates with the association "tatkräftig - Hände für Hamburg." With "1 day, 1 team, 1 goal" as its motto, the organization connects volunteer helpers with over 150 institutions in the Hamburg area. Our employees support social and charitable institutions, such as children's and youth facilities, day care centers, and refugee Centers; for instance in form of craft activities or gardening, handicraft, and renovation work.

Supporting children in need and young people is one focus of the tesa activities
Supporting children in need and young people is one focus of the tesa activities.

Worldwide commitment and involvement 
The tesa affiliates also provide active assistance in their local areas. In the Netherlands, for instance, tesa supports "Stichting het Raakt U", a foundation that helps and advocates for children with physical limitations. Our affiliate in Italy cooperates with the nonprofit organization "Fondazioni Piatti". The initiative provides care for children with neuropsychiatric conditions. And in Switzerland, tesa has been committed to helping "Theodora", an initiative that brings clowns to hospitals to entertain and distract pediatric patients, for the past six years.  

tesa donates: Uncomplicated help for social projects

As part of "tesa donates", we make targeted monetary and product donations to support people and the day-to-day work of selected institutions. We provide tesa products for various purposes and groups, from schools and childcare centers to campaigns to provide aid to victims of natural disasters and other emergencies, when items like fly screens and packing tape can be useful. The company also provides financial support, runs "leftover change donation" programs, and gives away old computers.

tesa companies collect “leftover change” to support local social initiatives.

Small Gesture, Big Impact
In keeping with this motto, the tesa communities collect "leftover change" donations: Every month, employees donate the cent amounts from their net wages (0.01 to 0.99 euros) for a charitable organization - at the end of the year, the executive management doubles the sum. 

The collection and provision of donations is also a tradition at tesa's affiliates: Each year, the affiliates provide a six-figure sum for a number of charitable purposes.


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tesa protects: Working to Protect the Environment

We view environmental protection as part of our social responsibilities. After all, an unspoiled natural environment is part of good quality of life. This is why environmental protection and nature conservation are a part of tesa's corporate strategy. Our engagement on the production and product level is complemented by specific projects for preserving nature and improving quality of life in the regions where we operate.

We are committed to the protection of natural habitats
We are committed to the protection of natural habitats.

Environmental Protection Projects ​
Elbtalaue" UNESCO Biosphere Reserve near Hamburg. These activities focused on measures that serve to conserve or restore the original landscapes of this area and thus preserve species and biodiversity. tesa is planning a new cooperative relationship with an environmental initiative in the area of the Norderstedt headquarters starting in 2018.

Colleagues from tesa China have been working to protect the environment since 2015 as part of the "Million Tree Project." In 2017, tesa Greater China donated funding for 2500 trees to the program, and volunteers participated in a tree planting campaign in Inner Mongolia.

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