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Better security precautions for air freight

Solutions from tesa scribos guarantee protection against manipulation

Topic: Industry

On March 25, 2013, the European Union’s new air freight ordinance enters into force. From this point in time, the production industry must make “unsecure” air freight “secure”, either through representatives or the airline, in accordance with legal provisions. Otherwise, companies must ensure that identifiable air freight is protected from unauthorized access or manipulation during production, packaging, storage and dispatch. tesa scribos offers a wide range of adhesive security tapes and labels that make signs of manipulation evident from the packaging.

The security checks for “unsecure” air freight are very time-consuming, which could lead to missed flights for urgent deliveries at short notice, resulting in increased costs. In addition, the unpacking, packing and repacking of air freight by inspectors could result in the rules of the sender or customer with regard to quality specifications not being met. To avoid this costly process, companies must have themselves certified as “known senders” by the Federal Aviation Office (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt). They then have to personally guarantee that identifiable air freight is sufficiently protected against unauthorized access and manipulation at their company site or on their company premises. These goods are not subjected to any additional security checks at the airport, but are handed over as “secure”.

Goods of all magnitudes made secure
tesa scribos adhesive security tapes and labels fulfill these exact requirements. As soon as someone tries to open the packaging and to remove the security labels, tesa SecuritySeal provides a clearly visible indication such as “Opened – Geöffnet – Ouvert – Abierto”. The lettering can be altered individually according to the customer’s wishes. The seal is furthermore irrevocably destroyed in the process. This means that it is impossible to reseal the package unnoticed. These security seals are available in all standard roll and label sizes, so they can be used on any shipping or packaging unit to prevent theft without any additional technical expenditure.

With tesa tapes for sealing cardboard, cardboard packaging of any size can be securely sealed. In addition, the company’s portfolio features security tape specifically for securing pallets as well as labels for sealing small and medium-sized cardboard packaging. With tesa StretchSeal labels, it is also possible to securely seal reusable containers in a wide variety of formats and designs. As soon as the label is removed, it is irrevocably destroyed. It overstretches and can no longer be used as a seal. tesa security tags secure mobile reusable receptacles such as wheeled containers and metal pallets for companies.

Security along the entire supply chain
The security products can be combined with modern track & trace systems. tesa security labels can thus be printed with a barcode unique to each item, which can also be used for track & trace applications. This means that every product’s path can be traced along the entire supply chain. Air freight can be efficiently tracked from production through to transport and delivery, and can be identified along the entire supply chain. This protects it from illegitimate access.

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As soon as someone tries to open the packaging and to remove the security labels, tesa SecuritySeal provides a clearly visible indication such as “Opened – Geöffnet – Ouvert – Abierto”.


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As soon as someone tries to open the packaging and to remove the security labels, tesa SecuritySeal provides a clearly visible indication such as “Opened – Geöffnet – Ouvert – Abierto”.

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