tesa® Twinlock Reusable, self-adhesive Plate Mounting Sleeve
Reusable, self-adhesive Plate Mounting Sleeves

Reusable, self-adhesive Plate Mounting Sleeves

tesa ® Twinlock

The reusable, sustainable plate mounting solution that cuts costs, set-up time and waste

If you’re reading this, odds are you’ve already given some thought as to how you can cut back on environmental waste, save time during set-up and even save some money while you’re at it. Well, we’ve given a lot of thought to those things, too, and we’d like to introduce you to tesa Twinlock®.

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tesa® Twinlock Layers
tesa® Twinlock Sleeves
tesa® Twinlock Hardness Overview

tesa ® Twinlock Layers

tesa ® Twinlock Sleeves

tesa ® Twinlock Hardness Overview

So, what is tesa ® Twinlock?

The short answer is, it’s an alternative to the old sleeve/cylinder + tape + plate equation. It’s the sustainable plate mounting solution for flexo printing. 


Simply put, tesa Twinlock® is a self-adhesive, reusable and compressible sleeve. It‘s made up of the same type of base sleeve you’re probably already using – the same features, same end rings, registration systems, RFID, etc. – or it can even be a steel cylinder. We take this base sleeve and add a layer of polyurethane (PU) foam, a stabilization film layer, and then a layer made from a unique polymer that’s formulated to retain its adhesive qualities. In other words, it’s permanently tacky. The side edges of the sleeve are then sealed in order to protect them from soiling and solvents.


Now, we could make a number of “tacky” jokes here, but what happens next is actually no joke at all. That’s because it’s the enduring tackiness of tesa Twinlock® that allows you to use it over and over again. In fact, when proper cleaning and handling procedures are followed, there is no limit to how many times tesa  Twinlock® can be used.


Wait… does that mean no more stickyback tape? And fewer trips to the landfill?

Yes and yes. That’s exactly what it means. For example, let’s say you’re a wide-web printer with one press. Depending on the jobs you run and the repeat sizes and actual press width, you probably go through approximately 545 rolls of plate-mounting tape per year. The average weight of an 18” roll of stickyback is 10 pounds/roll – not including the box. Add that up, and if you’re a larger printer with multiple presses, multiply accordingly … WOW!

That’s a LOT of waste that’s not going to the landfill each year, where it can take hundreds of years to decompose. And, that’s no legacy to leave for anyone, especially our children’s children’s children’s children. (Whew!)

Sustainability with tesa® Twinlock
Sustainability with tesa ® Twinlock


But there’s more… achieve significant cost savings and improved ROI

Now, there’s more to this story because the special talents of tesa Twinlock® don’t end with fewer trips to the landfill. There are also significant cost savings to be realized in the form of your return on investment, or ROI, which can happen fast when printing many jobs with the same repeat. tesa Twinlock® pays off especially well for repeat lengths that are used frequently. For example, we looked at an actual customer’s repeat that runs 558 times per year, 10 sleeves per job and an actual print width of 57.87 in. In this case, their ROI is under two months (yes, months, you read that right!), with a cost savings of $286,264 over a three-year period. They’re pretty happy with the results. And so are we.

Cost Savings & ROI with tesa® Twinlock
Cost Savings & ROI with tesa ® Twinlock


Save time

Remember the old adage, “time equals money?” That wisdom is top of mind for every minute of downtime in printing, such as when you’re limited on sleeves, or cylinders, in a particular repeat and the press is sitting idle, waiting for a remount. And downtime can really add up when you have to remove tape, then mount tape, then mount the plate – at about 15 minutes per color for tape mounting and 15 minutes per color for plates. That’s two hours total you’ve just shaved off your downtime when you’re using tesa Twinlock®. Because with tesa Twinlock®, you’re only mounting the plate – removing  a significant  amount of time out of the set-up equation. 

Save time with tesa® Twinlock
Save time with tesa ® Twinlock


Improve speed and quality

We’re probably starting to sound like proud parents, but we’ve just got to mention one more thing: tesa Twinlock® is going to give you smoother, faster print runs and higher print quality. That’s because we built tesa Twinlock® to produce exceptional results. It’s first layer features an open cell foam structure that absorbs bouncing effects for a tightly-controlled, higher print quality, even during long press runs at high speeds. Plus, the outside diameter of each tesa Twinlock® sleeve is measured by a unique laser measurement device during the production process and also at the end, to ensure precise print registration. When everything is perfectly aligned, you don’t have to worry about readjustments, waste or downtime. 

Improve Speed & Quality with tesa® Twinlock
Improve Speed & Quality with tesa ® Twinlock

Watch the video and learn what makes tesa ® Twinlock unique

tesa® Twinlock Overview Video

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