tesa® Corrugated Post-print Plate Mounting Tape

Corrugated Post-print Plate-mounting Tapes

Corrugated packaging production is serious business. There are a lot of moving parts. Literally. And – because the stakes are high – you’ve got to make sure every one of those parts is performing at 100%. That’s especially true when the end product is a direct reflection on your customer’s brand.

Your mission is to deliver packaging that not only lives up to your customers’ expectations, but also to their reputation in the marketplace. Whew, talk about pressure!

We’re here to help

Look, we’ve got this. Know why? Because at tesa, we’re basically a big bunch of adhesive geeks. Adhesion is our life. Our engineers are super-focused on perfecting adhesive technologies for our print and paper customers – with a special emphasis on corrugated board production. And they will-not-let-you-down. In fact, we don’t sleep soundly until we know we’ve helped make your life easier. That way, you can focus less on the pressure and more on the important things, like sleeping soundly yourself.

So we’ve come up with an assortment of self-adhesive tapes for in-line applicator solutions for post-print plate mounting. We designed these tapes not just to add value to your end product, but to do so with the utmost efficiency during the production process. Bonus!

Let’s take a closer look

We know you probably get your printing plates ready for printing and – in most cases – you don’t do the actual plate mounting (using self-adhesive tape) yourself. However, if you’re printing directly on corrugated board, we’ve got you covered.

Our tapes for corrugated post-printing have tailored adhesives on each side. One for the filmic carrier and one for the plate. This uniquely-formulated tape holds the plate tightly in position while withstanding high speeds and temperatures. They hold fast during even the longest press runs.

What if things don’t go perfectly during positioning the plate to the carrier? Don’t worry. These tapes allow for some initial repositioning when needed. After that, it’s ready for the long haul! And, our corrugated post-printing tapes come in different thicknesses to serve different needs – from 4 mil up to 15 mil. 

Our Corrugated Post-print Plate Mounting Tape Product Assortment