Print & Paper Industry Success Stories

Twinlock Helps High-Volume Printer Save Time and Money While Improving Print Quality

A top reason flexo printers choose tesa® Twinlock is because its self-adhesive sleeve can be used over and over again before being replaced, saving cost and reducing the amount of material that winds up in a landfill. But it’s often when printers are looking to solve quality problems that they first discover Twinlock.

Fixing quality issues can be complicated and time consuming. So when one busy printer struggling with plate lifting and press bounce learned about tesa® Twinlock, they were eager to give it a try. With an outer layer comprised of an open cell foam structure, Twinlock absorbs bouncing effects for a tightly-controlled, higher print quality.

While there are some different steps required during plate mounting, applying new tape between jobs is not one of those steps because of Twinlock’s permanently-sticky polyurethane foam layer. In fact, when proper cleaning and handling procedures are observed, there is no limit to how many times tesa® Twinlock can be used.  

At press time, with tesa reps providing training and technical support, operators were able to see how both short and long press runs were smoother and faster – no need to stop for adjustments.  The customer was pleased by the time savings during set-up and the faster production times. Twinlock enabled their press speeds to increase from 300 pages to 450 pages per minute.

With the ability to maintain speed, eliminate bounce and deliver excellent print quality, the customer felt 100% confident in adding tesa® Twinlock to their print production process. 

tesa® Twinlock Solves Workflow Problems for Major Printing Operation

Workflow is the very essence of a large printing operation; everything depends on it. So when one tesa customer – a well-known global printer – was having problems in the mounting department, an investigation revealed that a competitor’s plate mounting tape had inconsistent thicknesses, creating low spots on the plates. This was causing press bounce at high speeds, as well as quality issues.

A tesa rep suggested tesa® Twinlock, a foam-covered sleeve that’s designed to absorb bounce and deliver consistent quality. The customer immediately agreed to a product trial.


Finding the Right Balance: Testing Twinlock’s Strengths


The outer layer of the Twinlock sleeve is made of an open cell polyurethane foam that comes in three different varieties of hardness. The team tried out the different Twinlock foam levels until they determined that the softest version was the perfect solution for this printer’s needs. The soft foam absorbed the bounce the customer had been experiencing, which enabled their presses to run at speeds they could not maintain previously.

In addition, with plates mounted directly onto the permanently-sticky Twinlock sleeve – no tape to apply or remove – jobs are set up and ready to go more quickly. Together, these factors contributed to faster production overall.


Workflow Prognosis: Smooth Sailing Ahead


With the Twinlock foam prescribed at just the right level – soft enough to absorb bounce while enabling the highest print quality – and tape eliminated from the mounting process, workflow consistency for this printer is now at an optimal level. 

tesa® Twinlock empowers businesses to expand capacity and volume without losing speed and quality.

When a major global packaging printer was looking at adding a new press to accommodate their growing business, one of the first considerations was compatibility with the new equipment. Sustainability was another important priority.

The Twinlock sleeve was available in the exact sizes needed to run on the new press.

The new tooling requirements and cylinder sizes would need to be evaluated and fitted with accessories that met with the printer’s strict quality and eco standards.

With the new press running with Twinlock’s sustainable features the printer can produce a greater amount of high-quality film packaging in a much cleaner and greener way.

tesa earned the printer’s trust and the printer is committed to Twinlock. The multi-use, permanently tacky sleeve is now used on approximately 90 to 95% of their press runs.