New Venting Tape for Faster Foaming Process

New Venting Tape for Faster Foaming Process

The venting tape plays a small but crucial role in the foaming process: it makes sure the foam spreads evenly without spilling over.

Jan 17, 2018

The most common application is the insulation of refrigerators, freezers, and other appliances.To create the insulation, liquid polyurethane foam is injected into the space between the inner and the outer liner of the devices. As the material expands, the air is displaced and escapes through a number of ventilation holes. The venting tape is used to cover these holes. It prevents the foam from escaping but allows the air to go through.

While the current tesa® 4576 achieves an air permeability of 6 cm3/cm2*s, we have now developed a new tape which allows air to escape even more quickly. The tesa® 4580 is only dotted with adhesive instead of being fully covered, resulting in air permeability of 52 cm3/cm2*s. This allows for a faster foaming process and helps the polyurethane to spread evenly.



The ideal venting tape for your foaming process

The tesa® 4580 is a high-quality, non-woven tape with very good unwinding properties for fast application. It is not only suitable for appliances, but can also be used for producing refrigerated trailers or containers and many other purposes. It is very comfortable and stretchy and can easily be torn by hand.

Would you like to test the new tesa® 4580 venting tape during your foaming process? Please get in touch with us or your local distributor.