tesa tape Releases Next Generation Roller Wrap Products

Representatives from the Print & Web Processing Team of tesa tape, inc., are pleased to announce the launch of two next-generation products designed for use in printing applications, as well as other production processes. These new products – tesa® 4863 PV3 and tesa® 4563 PV3 Roller Wrapping Tapes – are both third-generation products that have been optimized for today’s progressive printing and manufacturing equipment that utilize roller systems.

Originally designed for roller wrapping applications in a variety of manufacturing and printing processes that incorporate roller systems to process web-based materials (such as films, textiles, paper, and more), the roller-wrapping duo of tesa® 4863 and tesa® 4563 was quickly adopted by the printing industry as aids to the production process, whereby keeping the printed substrate evenly distributed and disbursed as it moved through the printing machinery. The industry quickly coined the term “Printer’s Friend” for these products, a term that is still recognized in the marketplace today.

Building on the success of the original versions of tesa® 4863 and tesa® 4563, the newly-launched third generation products offer enhanced features designed for the highest performance levels, including an optimized adhesive system, improved shear resistance, and expanded resistance to extreme temperatures. Take a closer look:

tesa® 4863 PV3 consists of a cloth backing and an embossed (dimpled) silicone coated surface, which offers reliable “grip” to the roller. The product design ensures high resistance to wear, easy application, and residue-free removal, even after a prolonged period of time and exposure to high temperatures commonly found in printing and production environments.

tesa® 4563 PV3 consists of a cloth backing and a distinguishable smooth silicone coated surface. This sleek, high-performance product offers the same benefits as tesa® 4863 PV3.

Both products are available for immediate purchase through tesa business partner outlets – http://www.tesatape.com/featured/featured-partners.

About tesa tape, inc.

For over a century, tesa tape has pioneered the development of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape technologies. This rich tradition of innovation dates back to 1882 when the company's founder patented a method for manufacturing medical adhesive dressings. With this invention came the beginning of a global enterprise dedicated to the development and promotion of advanced adhesive tape solutions. Today, this worldwide enterprise services customers in over 100 countries around the globe and holds numerous product patents. At tesa, it is our charter to provide our customers with service levels and applications expertise that are second to none in the industry. With this as our goal, we stand committed to providing you with process improvement in every roll! Proud sponsor of the USA Bobsled / Skeleton Federation!
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