tesa tape Makes Debut into Sign & Banner Market

The company is pleased to offer a new product line specially designed for today’s progressive sign builders.

tesa tape, inc. Makes its Debut into the Sign & Banner Market - Announces New Line of Products for Sign Builders

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tesa Tapes for the Sign Industry

Company officials of tesa tape, inc., an affiliate of tesa SE, a global leader in the manufacture and supply of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, announced its entrance into the signage market by introducing a new product line specially designed for today’s progressive sign builders.

Backed by more than a century of tape-making experience, tesa tape is pleased to introduce a complete assortment of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes designed for the sign building process. The tesa product family ranges from extremely high-bond tapes for permanent bonding to temporary masking and protection tapes for protecting sign elements prior to installation.
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Meet the Family!

Extreme High Bond with Acrylic Core Tapes:

tesa® 7054 ACXplus - crystal clear acrylic, 20 mils thick
tesa® 7055 ACXplus - crystal clear acrylic, 40 mils thick
tesa® 7063 ACXplus - black acrylic, 32 mils thick
tesa® 7065 ACXplus - black acrylic, 47 mils thick

Permanent Mounting Tapes:

tesa® 61010 PV4 - clear polyester mounting tape
tesa® 4970 – PVC (polyvinyl chloride) white banner tape
tesa® 4985 - clear adhesive transfer tape
tesa® 62934 – thick black polyethylene foam mounting tape

Masking Tapes:

tesa® 4174 - high-temperature fine-line masking tape
tesa® 4309 – performance masking tape
tesa® 4334 – precision masking tape
tesa® 50600 - polyester high-temperature powder-coating tape
tesa® 53120 PV1 - general-purpose paper masking tape

Surface Protection Tapes:

tesa® 4848 PV1- clear polyethylene tape
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A Closer Look at Extreme High Bond Tapes

tesa SE
tesa® ACXplus Products

With the introduction of tesa’s new line of acylic core tapes – tesa® ACXplus, sign builders now have a clear choice when extremely high bonding power is needed. tesa’s acrylic core tape family for the signage industry includes four distinctive products, each offering a unique set of attributes:

tesa® 7054 ACXplus and tesa® 7055 ACXplusare crystal clear products, offering extreme transparency between the two materials being bonded. Sign builders no longer have to be concerned with shadowing or unsightly tape edges. The product maintains its clarity throughout time, even after exposure to ultraviolet light or environmental elements, such as weather.

tesa® 7063 ACXplus and tesa® 7065 ACXplusare the ideal choices for bonding applications that involve surface that are difficult to adhere to. The black coloring of these products leaves no visible gray edges as compared to other products on the market. Their “beefy” thicknesses afford easy handling and space / gap filling if needed.

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Why tesa?

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tesa has been in the tape-making business for over a century. In fact, we own the very first patent for an adhesive tape technology in 1882. Since that time, tesa has mastered the tape production process in nine manufacturing / converting centers around the world.

Today, our highly-engineered products hold their own in a variety of industrial applications, including applications within the signage industry. Quality is a cornerstone of tesa’s industrial product line, and you can be assured that tesa-branded products are produced with the same level of quality with each and every production run; we’ve got years of data to prove it, accompanied by three ISO certifications and hundreds of product patents.
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About the Company

For over a century, tesa tape has pioneered the development of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape technologies. This rich tradition of innovation dates back to 1882 when the company's founder patented a method for manufacturing medical adhesive dressings. With this invention came the beginning of a global enterprise dedicated to the development and promotion of advanced adhesive tape solutions. Today, this worldwide enterprise services customers in over 100 countries around the globe and holds numerous product patents. In North America, tesa markets many diverse product lines including double-sided fastening tapes, masking tapes and associated products, packaging tapes, duct and cloth tapes, and many specialty tape products. At tesa, it is our charter to provide our customers with service levels and applications expertise that are second to none in the industry. With this as our goal, we stand committed to providing you with adhesive tape solutions beyond the roll! Proud sponsor of the USA Bobsled / Skeleton Team
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