tesa Releases New Case Study for Specialty Appliances

As products for industrial, medical, and personal use continue to become more sophisticated, there is a growing need for enhanced research, testing, and storage techniques to support these evolutionary products. tesa answers the call of a specialty appliance manufacturer in need of a specialized gasket solution.

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Recognizing this trend, a well-known global provider of environmental chambers has recently fine-tuned its production process to meet the ever-changing needs of its marketplace.

Based in the USA, a renowned manufacturer of all types of environmental chambers is committed to producing high quality and durable products for its customers. One of the products in the company’s portfolio is an ultra-low temperature freezer designed for research and storage applications. As part of its normal freezer production process, company representatives were attaching a urethane foam strip lined with an adhesive tape to the fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) door of the freezer unit; the strip is intended to act as a gasket seal. Throughout the manufacturing and testing processes, assemblers noticed that the adhesive on the foam strip was not securely bonding to the FRP. As an attempt to reinforce the bond, technicians began to apply toxic glue to the foam strip, which ultimately released odors and toxic fumes throughout the manufacturing area and into the environment.

After being apprised of the application and the challenge at hand, a tesa representative, working with business partner Marian, Inc., recommended a tried-andtrue tesa® Double-Sided Foam Tape(tesa® 62932) to be adhered to the foam strip to ultimately provide the critical gasket seal between door and freezer. With a series of successful tests, tesa® 62932 is now the adhesive tape of choice by the manufacturer for this application! In fact, it was so successful, that the manufacturer is now using the same tesa product to replace metal rivets to secure outer unit panels when foam insulation is blown into the unit!
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About Marian

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Marian, Inc. is a global provider of custom, die-cut, flexible component parts. For 60 years, Marian has provided innovative solutions to its customers by offering services like laser, rotary, water jet, and flatbed die-cutting; laminating; prototyping; precision slitting; and packaging. With eight locations throughout North America and Asia, we strive to provide our customers with quality products and exceptional service at competitive prices.

For more information, visit www.marianinc.com.
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