New Visions for the Construction Industry


High-performance adhesive tapes from tesa open up new possibilities in the construction and construction supply industries. With the #borntobuild campaign, tesa tells its story in terms of people, innovations, projects, and solutions.

Text Dörte Schmidt

Since February 2019, the Bernese Oberland region in Switzerland has one more attraction to offer. For the construction of the “Mirage Gstaad,” different shapes of mirrored composite panels were mounted with ALUCOBOND® by tesa®.

Doug Aitken, Mirage Gstaad, 2019.
Part of Elevation 1049: Frequencies, Gstaad, Switzerland.
Image courtesy of the Artist and Luma Foundation; Photo Torvioll Jashari.
Image Nr. 2461.
Mirrored adhesive architectural plates make the “Mirage Gstaad” nearly invisible in sun and snow.

The futuristic building façade, which resembles a mirage at the edge of a panoramic trail, comes from the American artist Doug Aitken and is presented in the context of the art project “Elevation 1049: Frequencies.” The mirrored house can be visited until January 2021.

NICHT AKTUELL TJ_Elevation-photo Torvioll Jashari

Torvioll Jashari

The solution for the mounting of up to five square meters of façade elements – in which the imposing mountain landscape is reflected – is based on a strategic partnership with 3A Composites. “The company is very well established in the construction industry. Every architect is familiar with the various ALUCOBOND® panels, which provide the finishing touch on the world’s building envelopes,” states Thomas Heck, tesa Marketing Director Building Industry.

"Using double-sided adhesive tape as an attachment medium for façades is a brilliant idea. A huge advantage is that I immediately have a minimum required strength."

Dr. Amin Emami

Head of Technical Department at 3A Composites

We Are "Born to Build"

The core of the jointly developed ALUCOBOND® by tesa® panels are securely adhesive-bonded architectural plates on a substructure – combined with prefabrication in the workshop, not on the site itself. “In the construction industry, it is important that processes become continuously more efficient,” Sabine Amrein-Herche, Chief Business Officer Architecture Europe at 3A Composites. She and her colleague Dr. Amin Emami are among the first faces of the tesa #borntobuild campaign. Also included is Thomas Grühn, partner of the architectural firm that designed the tesa headquarters.

Adhesives are the only option: architectural firms depend on invisible façade joints.

In the city of Norderstedt, Grühn put into effect at tesa, which is now an architectural trend: aesthetically simple façades with hidden connections. The construction professional sees no alternative to adhesive bonding. Designing and building are like a continuous thread running through his life. A perfect #borntobuild protagonist, states Vontenea Stokes, tesa Product Manager: “Part of the concept includes short films in which people who work with us and are anchored professionally in the construction industry introduce themselves. They are excited about what they are doing and are cut from the same cloth.”

Solutions for Constructively Designed Building

tesa has a long history in the applications for fastening profiles and partition wall systems to windows, doors, furniture construction and construction supply industries. In the meantime, tape solutions for building envelopes are increasingly in focus. A market with growth opportunities, according to Thomas Heck: "Through the acquisition of the American company Functional Coatings in May 2018, we have gained access to the large market and technology of business related to the sealing of buildings. We see a lot of potential there."

Adhesive Tapes Withstand the Forces of Nature

By chance, tesa® ACXplus70200 proved its enormous adhesive strength in Miami, Florida, USA, under realistic conditions. For the construction of a skyscraper, employees of tesa tape North America subjected the mounting of large glass façade parts to thorough stress tests in the laboratory for construction research. Only afterward, however, were the bonded façade elements really put to the test – by the enormous force of nature of Hurricane Irma. Despite wind speeds of 210 kilometers per hour, the facade system came through without any damage whatsoever.


Further in the foreground, extending outward, is the adhesive bonding of façade elements using the patented, double-sided acrylate tesa® ACXplus adhesive tapes. Thanks to their high adhesive strength as well as temperature and weather-resistance, the high-performance adhesive tapes ensure safety even under the most adverse circumstances.

Eye-Catcher at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Glass panels at the Rijksmuseum satellite facility on Holland Boulevard at Schiphol Airport.

Holland Boulevard, Schiphol
Holland Boulevard, Schiphol

tesa® ACXplus offers a wide range of unimagined possibilities for more than the design of facades. The high-tech adhesive tapes also create new possibilities in interior architecture, as proven by the satellite facility of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam at Schiphol Airport. For the construction of a semi-transparent, curved façade in the airport building, 10,000 glass panels were joined together – each item is 3.2 meters high, seven centimeters wide and one centimeter thick.

Bonding of glass panels
A special bonding process is used on certain assembly units to apply the ACXplus tapes to the edges of the glass panels.

© Seneca Media/Rogér van Domburg

Glass Panels
More than 10,000 glass elements were joined together to create a semi-transparent, curved façade.

With sheer, high-performance tesa® tapes, seven panels were securely joined together in individual blocks. From a multitude of individual parts, a curved interior facade covering 2200 square meters and weighing 68 tons was constructed. In the construction industry, glass buildings pose great challenges for designers. Thanks to tesa, the freedom of design has been expanded in all directions.

NCIHT AKTUELL tesa_borntobuild

Where tesa sticks

On the #borntobuild webpage, the animated tesa house shows where customers from the construction and construction supply industries can rely on high-quality adhesive tape solutions from tesa. As a global technical partner, the company offers an entire portfolio of solutions for applications in indoor and outdoor areas as well as comprehensive service: Starting with solutions for the sealing of buildings and the mounting of facade parts on to the adhesive bonding of everything from windows, doors and elevators to profile sections and ledges as well as marking systems.