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Solutions for Pharma

Focus on transdermal systems and oral dissolvable films

tesa Labtec GmbH is a drug delivery company with a specific focus on transdermal and topical patches (Transfilm®) as well as oral films (Rapidfilm® and Mucofilm®). A wholly owned subsidiary of tesa SE and part of the Beiersdorf group of companies, tesa Labtec represents the pharmaceutical business in a truly global family of companies offering „Solutions for Pharma“.

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Transfilm®: Expertise in Patch Development
tesa Labtec is specialized in the development of different types of patches. Using our Transfilm® technology we can develop topical, transdermal as well as buccal patches. The broad technology platform allows the development of various patches in many indications for the Rx and the OTC sector.


Rapidfilm®: Specialist for Oral Dissolvable Films
Developing oral films constitutes one of tesa Labtec’s core competencies. The ultra-thin and small films offer various advantages for patients and care givers and can contain many different active ingredients. Our Rapidfilm® can be applied in many therapeutic indications and represents the most convenient form of oral dosage nowadays.


Mucofilm®: Leader in Buccal and Sublingual Film Technology
tesa Labtec’s competencies are bundled in buccal and sublingual film products. Our coated, ultra-thin Mucofilm® allows a persistent adhesion to the mucosa that enables transmucosal drug delivery. Great advantages for patients and pharmaceutical companies result in an excellent opportunity for drug delivery.

Contract development

Contract Development: ComprehensiveExperience, Know-How, and Innovative Technologies
tesa Labtec has been developing patches and oral films for more than twenty years. Our comprehensive experience and know-how generated in numerous development projects is at your disposal, together with our proprietary patch and film technologies Transfilm®, Rapidfilm®, and Mucofilm®.

Do you own a proprietary molecule and wonder whether this molecule might be suitable for transdermal delivery? Are you considering a compound for the development of an oral film? In a short period of time, and in close collaboration with your team, we can explore the feasibility and assess the chances of a full development program. In a timely manner and with full transparency, our experts can create an excellent market opportunity for you.

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LabFactory: Completing the Missing Link
Our LabFactory closes the gap between lab scale and commercial manufacturing. The LabFactory is a fully automated pilot-production facility at the R&D site in Langenfeld, which operates under full cGMP. The new state of the art equipment provides the unique opportunity to close the gap between small-scale development and large-scale production. The LabFactory has been equipped to be comparable to our commercial-scale operation in Hamburg. Thus, it allows the assessment of critical process parameters as well as a first processability check of formulations already at an early stage of development.

Contract manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing: Equipped with the Latest Coating and Converting Technology
tesa Labtec is prepared to support all of your clinical trials and full-scale production needs. State-of-the art manufacturing equipment is available in our new plant in Hamburg, Germany. Our plant is dedicated to the manufacture of patches and oral films. The equipment and the operating procedures have been designed to fulfill the strictest legal and regulatory standards including cGMP and AMG (German Drug Act). Furthermore, our facility is FDA ready. Thus, we are able to supply international markets.

You will find information about tesa Labtec GmbH here: www.tesa-labtec.com