tesa® 6400 Hand dispenser COMFORT

Dispenser COMFORT for packaging tapes

Product description

The tesa® 6400 hand dispenser is a robust industrial device that applies tesa® tapes up to 50 mm width. Its system of a covered blade provides a special injury-protection (blade-protection). The tape is cut by pressing the flap on the tape while the serrated cutting blade will “pop out” to cut the tape. The continuously adjustable tension control allows correct dispensing even of easy unwinding tesa® tape. tesa® 6400 has a soft gummed handle which ensures a comfortable and secure grip.

Application Fields

Place the tesa 6400 dispenser on the carton and pull it towards yourself. The tape is unwound and pressed down by the contact roller. To cut the tape, press the plastic flap on the carton and continue moving the dispenser. Threading: The tesa roll is put on the tape wheel such that the adhesive side of the tape faces the handle. Pull the end of the tape between the tape contact roller and the metal loading gate until the tape is free of wrinkles.

Product Construction

Backing material

Properties / Performance Values

Applicationfield Home, Office
Spare part service yes
Batteries required no
Low noise unwinding
Roll width max. 55 mm
Reusable yes
Tension control yes
Batteries included no
Writable no
Max. core diameter 3
Suitable surfaces
Adhesive strength
Max roll length 66 m
Solvent free no
Serrated blade no
Tear resistance
Material Metal

Additional Info

  • Very robust due to stable metal frame
  • Retractable blade for safe usage (injury protection)
  • Soft gummed handle for secure and comfortable grip
  • Adjustable tension control
  • Rubber roller for easy application
  • Spare part service
  • Empty
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