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From decorative wall coverings to attractive facades in high-rise buildings and houses, our double-sided tape with industrial strength bond materials for a clean, aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Industrial Strength Double Sided Tapes for Building Applications

Building envelope components encounter extremely high stress. Wind loads, extreme temperature changes, thermal expansion and other continuous external factors heavily influence buildings over time. tesa® ACX Plus foam mounting tapes provide a reliable bonding method that will support the compensation of stress and thermal elongation. A variety of tape applications are possible with tesa® ACX Plus:

Bonding of stiffeners and reinforcement bars with tesa tape.
Bonding of Stiffeners and Reinforcement Bars

Easy fixation of stiffeners and reinforcement bars – enhance your processes by using our adhesive tape solutions. Stiffener bars can be made of different materials; most common are blank aluminum, powder coated aluminum, or steel. Panels are available in various forms including aluminium plate, stainless steel, or other non-corrosive metal and composite panels. tesa® ACX Plus industrial tapes can be used for attaching stiffener bars to thin metal or composite panels.

Certificates and External Test Reports

  • ASTM E284-04, 330-02, 331-00 – wind load and water penetration test
  • AAMA 501.6-09 – earthquake test on facade elements
  • NBR 10821-3/11 – water and air penetration of facade elements
  • DIN EN 13501-1.2012 – classification of reaction to fire
  • Cyclone testing according to AS 1562.1, AS 4040.2/3 serviceability, and AS 4040.3 cyclic simulated wind load testing

tesa® ACX Plus Foam Mounting Tapes for Building Envelope

tesa® ACXplus is a viscoelastic acrylic foam tape that acts as the main bonding agent in various Building Envelope applications. The tape is the primary bonding component between a glass panel and the structural glazing frame. Other options could be a panel of aluminum composite material [ACM] mounted on an aluminum substructure. For such applications the tesa® ACXplus 70200 Certified Durability is the right product choice.

When considering bonding in Building Envelope we must also mention the capabilities of tesa® ACXplus for reinforcement bars in facade cassette systems. For such applications the tesa® ACXplus 707x High Resistance Series is recommended. A high quality and long lasting bond requires a reliable tape. tesa® ACXplus products create a perfect bond between different substrates and is suitable for outdoor use, extreme temperatures, UV, chemicals, solvents, salt water and cleaning agents.

Adhesive tapes offer powerful long-lasting bonds – even on materials with different surface characteristics.
Adhesive tapes offer powerful long-lasting bonds – even on materials with different surface characteristics.

tesa® ACXplus tape properties and performance

Bonding power

For powerful long-lasting bonds – even on materials with different surface characteristics. Excellent wetting and chemical adaption to the bonded surfaces.


Stress dissipation

tesa® ACXplus has an outstanding ability to compensate static, dynamic and temperature stress, up to the life cycle of a component. Due to viscoelastic behavior stresses can be dissipated to ensure a secure bond. Very high outdoor temperature changes are tolerated even when joined materials have different elongation factors. 


Temperature and weather resistance

The superior bond can resist natural temperature changes and other influences. The high degree of oxidation resistance is based on the fully saturated carbon chain which is the foundation of the acrylates used in tesa® ACXplus. The special curing chemistry forms an outstanding temperature resistance network. 

Helvetica Tower, Switzerland
Helvetica Tower, Switzerland

Benefits of tesa® ACXplus Industrial Tapes in Building Envelope Applications

Using tesa® ACXplus 70200 Certified Durability in Building Envelope appli­cations brings a variety of benefits for the installer.

Double-sided acrylic foam tapes ensure the façade has an aesthetic appeal when viewed either from a distance or up close. This is valid for cladding applications where very often rivets or screws interrupt the clean finished look of a façade panel. In structural glazing applications the be­nefits are clean edged lines that are maintained indoor and outdoor, and less distance between the glass and the frame which leads to an improved appearance.

tesa® ACXplus 70200 Certified Durability remains its uniform and constant black color, therefore a mismatch of colors within the bonding component is not visible. It is important to keep in mind, that tesa® ACXplus 70200 Certified Durability may only be used after a detailed examination (technical questionnaire and adhesion tests on substrates). Based on the input from the customer and our application assessment we will provide a product recommendation. Ultimately the final product decision is made by the customer after additional testing and requirements are analyzed.

Certainly some of the main benefits of using tesa® ACXplus are simplified installation and reduced fabrication times. Double-sided acrylic foam tapes do not require mixing, tooling, curing or drying, which leads saving time during the fabrication process. tesa® ACXplus is easy to apply and trained staff can usually finish a building unit faster than a silicone glazed unit. This again can be translated into saving time in labor and materials.

Finished building elements can be loaded onto a truck immediately for quick delivery and installation on the construction side.

Our local team of experts at tesa Singapore can tell you more about our industrial tapes for building envelope applications. Get in touch using the form below to learn more about how we can help you.


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