Electronics for the Automotive Industry

Electronics grows into automotive

We support innovations due to the footprint in both markets – automotive and consumer electronics

Make Use of Synergies – Automotive Meets Electronics

As a global leader in adhesive solutions, we combine our long-term experience in the automotive business with our extensive know-how in electronics applications. We are a reliable partner for innovative mounting solutions in the emerging business field of automotive digitisation and environmentally friendly electrification.

Our tapes are specially made to fulfil demanding automotive requirements and perform an increasing number of important functions in addition to various mounting applications. Among other things, we provide low-VOC properties, light management, insulation functions and electrical conductivity.

Our sales offices and research and development facilities around the world ensure that we are always close to our customers and can give them the individual support they deserve. We can implement even the most challenging projects successfully by working together closely with our customers.

As part of our package solution, we can offer you our specialised tapes in specific dimensions for your specific application. In combination with our dispenser solutions, you can improve your efficiency measurably.

Segments in Automotive Electronics

  • Comfort and infotainment (e.g. displays)
  • Components (e.g. camera, sensors, antenna) for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Batteries for e-mobility