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tesa Launches New High-Adhesion Venting Tape

High adhesion and low foam leakage are among the most important characteristics that the appliances industry seeks in a venting tape. Air-permeable tapes are mainly used as a foaming aid in the production of refrigerators and freezers.

tesa Venting Tape Application


To insulate the appliances, liquid polyurethane is injected between the inner and the outer liner. While the foam expands to fill every corner of the shell, the venting tape covers holes and other openings. The characteristic permeability of the tape allows the air or other gases to ventilate, while its high adhesion prevents the polyurethane foam from pushing it off.

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High-Adhesion Venting Tapes for Appliances


The new tesa® 4582 high-adhesion venting tape was developed to meet customer-specific requirements in the appliances industry. It is, however, equally suitable for truck and trailer manufacturing as well as for many other production processes where foamed insulations are used.

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tesa High-Adhesion Venting Tape Roll

The single-sided tape is based on a non-woven fabric coated with a specifically designed, dotted pattern of an acrylic adhesive. The space between the dots is big enough to let the air escape quickly, but small enough to create a reliable foam barrier and to achieve high adhesion. In order to ensure a constant venting performance, the adhesive is spread homogeneously across the backing of tesa® 4582. Due to its high adhesion, the venting tape offers a perfect hold under various production circumstances. It reduces foam leakage and cleaning costs while enabling an exchange of moisture and other gases.

Venting Process


Step 1 Covering of the ventilation hole

Step 2 Injection of liquid

Step 3 Foam expanding while the air leaves through the tape covered holes

Step 4 The air leaves while the foam is blocked by the tape

In addition, the tesa® 4582 high-adhesion venting tape is very conformable and elastic. It has an excellent barrier function against various polymeric foams and polyurethanes – even if they directly touch the backing of the venting tape. It is easy to tear by hand and offers both high adhesion and good unwinding properties, ensuring a fast application without curling. To reduce waste, the venting tape comes without a liner.

If you would like to know more about the tesa® 4582 high-adhesion venting tape, please get in touch with us or with your distributor and request a sample roll!