Surface protection for the automotive industry

Superior Car Protection Films for All Conditions

tesa's range of protective films and tapes for painted and interior surfaces on automotive vehicles will prevent damage and maintain brilliant surfaces.

Automotive Surface Protection Solutions

The clear coats and plastic or metal parts of brand new cars are only perceived as high quality if they are clean and not damaged. Our surface protection range provides self-adhesive tape solutions and paint protection films for safe transportation around the world.

Protective films, pads and car covers reduce the risk of damage in automotive logistics. These superior protection films and tapes help protect from damage all the way to the dealers. Our specially designed car paint protection film provides resistance from the extremes of weather and other causes of damage keeping freshly painted clear coats clean.

Automotive plant operations require safe assembly line processes. Interior surface protection tapes prevent scratches on delicate substrates while protective films ensure minimal damage to exteriors. Our tape solutions offer resistance to mechanical impact on many different materials.

Even small adjustments can have a great impact on quality. Automatic unwinding dispensers, cardy cuts, and squeegees are part of our complementary product range. Our advanced converting capabilities and team of experts worldwide allow us to customise a wide range of surface protection materials, including paint protection films and interior surface protection tapes, to your requirements.

Areas of Application


Explore our selection of surface protection products below, including films and tapes to protect car paint and interiors:

Areas of Application