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When we bond together - amazing things happen

Together, let's take flexo plate mounting to the next level - with a focus on print quality, efficiency, innovation, and flexibility

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Focus on highest quality output

Make misregister, pinholing, bouncing, and many other print defects a thing from the past with a plate mounting solution tailored to your precise needs - to achieve the very best outcomes for the types of jobs you are running. Every time.
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Let's be more efficient and flexible

Get everything right from the set-up onwards. Run your press faster, eliminate the need for on-press adjustments. Save time and money in the mounting department - invest in the best solutions to improve productivity and deliver ROI. Stay flexible in times of changing market demands - choose from the broadest plate mounting assortment in the market.
We'll find your perfect solution!
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Stay future-ready

The way we think about it, innovation is a constant process of improvement and incremental gains. Together, let's work on sustainability targets, on incorporating process automation, and on every day finding new ways to solve your plate mounting challenges.

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Our product offer

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tesa® Twinlock reusable self-adhesive sleeves

Developed to provide a more sustainable, efficient plate mounting solution

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tesa Softprint® plate mounting with foam tapes
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tesa® Softprint plate mounting tapes

Designed to ensure the exact performance required for the best results – whatever the print challenge

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