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Your mini guide to printing innovation  

Technology is transforming the manufacturing process – unlocking opportunities, solving old problems, creating new challenges (and sometimes customer expectations of technology are running ahead of reality).
Sustainability, quality, color, new formats, personalization, lower cost… In the packaging industry, the list of demands goes on and on. In times of increasing skills shortage on the shop floor, and ceaseless pressure from the top floor, innovation is the answer – it is how we can build on our printing expertise, and embrace the exciting future in front of us.  

Big changes affecting your world 

Sometimes it is not enough to be an expert in the day job. Increasingly, you need to be adapt to bigger shifts in the manufacturing process, and to adopt new ideas and technologies to stay ahead.



Nothing compares with a skilled printer’s expertise. But our product and technology development engineers can help to transform your ideas into state-of-the-art solutions, even incorporating automation and robotics together with our industry partners to improve speed and consistency. 

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02Connected processes

Your print run is just one stage in a connected process that begins with a packaging design and ends with a product on a shelf. And our innovative adhesive solutions support almost every part of that process, speeding up changeovers, preventing machine stops and helping to facilitate everyday tasks, so that you can provide reliable, detailed data about factors such as product quality, sustainability, and delivery schedules.  

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Our industry has big sustainability targets to meet. More and more innovation is focused around reducing waste, minimizing carbon, removing harmful materials throughout the value chain. And it all has to be achieved without sacrificing performance. Innovation like tesa® Twinlock bring double environmental benefits, in the shape of less tape waste and reduced emissions through less frequent product shipments.  

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Innovative solutions. Better choices.  

You need to be able to choose the right technology and solutions for your print jobs. And whether you prefer tape or
self-adhesive sleeves, it is important to understand that continual innovation means that the characteristics and performance you can expect from each is constantly improving.


tesa® Twinlock

Our range of self-adhesive reusable sleeves help printers meet the challenges of sustainability and efficiency in flexible packaging, without sacrificing performance or quality. tesa® Twinlock features a special PU foam designed to ensure consistent compressibility and eliminate bounce on longer runs, while laser-controlled manufacturing ensures the exact thickness you need.  


tesa® Softprint

Our family of plate mounting tapes, constantly evolving to meet changing needs and help you embrace new technologies and opportunities in flexible packaging. tesa® Softprint features exceptional foam quality, for excellent cushioning and long-term resilience. We offer six different levels of hardness, to provide the perfect match for any print motif. And our comprehensive range of plate and sleeve side adhesives means bonding perfection, together with quick and easy demounting. 

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