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Your quick guide to print quality

Changing market dynamics are raising the bar for quality in the world of flexible packaging: Premium-ization, variety,
sustainability – everyone wants more, faster, for less.  And amidst it all, you still want to do a great job. 
We get it. And by working together – our plate mounting technology, your expertise and craft – we can move things forward, and deliver the print quality that you are proud to put your name to, every time.

Amazing quality: how it happens

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Like you, for us print quality is non-negotiable. And in our experience, achieving it takes a combination of three things:  

  1. Partnership
    Nobody knows your presses or requirements like you do. Likewise, we work with printers around the world, helping them to overcome their quality challenges – by sharing our expertise we can set new standards together. 
  2. Materials and specification
    Whether it is self-adhesive sleeves or tape, our plate mounting solutions are manufactured to the highest standards, and offer a comprehensive range of adhesives and foams, so whatever your needs you will find exactly the right combination to achieve the amazing quality you want. 
  3. Technology
    With tesa® Twinlock and tesa® Softprint, we offer a complete choice of tape and re-usable self-adhesive sleeves. So whatever your priorities, we are able to recommend the ideal solution, with no trade-offs on quality - It is always about tailoring to your precise needs, to achieve the very best outcomes for the types of jobs you are running.  

Focus on the details

Improved quality comes with a focus on the right details – fine-tuning your plate mounting solution so that it is 100% optimized for the print challenge in front of you. What may look like tiny differences in the adhesive or foam actually have a huge impact – for example, improving registration, avoiding pinholing, reducing bounce – and helping you deliver significantly better print outcomes.

Perfect register

CMYK printing in register (left) vs. out of register (right)
01Perfect register

The correct thickness of your plate mounting solution is critical in achieving precise registration for every motif, exactly why we have a strong focus on the highest quality raw materials and precise production processes.  

Illustration pinholing
02Accurate results

Pinholing is a common issue, especially with increasing customer expectations of rich, vibrant color as part of a high quality packaging design. Only the perfect balance of anilox, plate, tape, ink, and machine parameters will lead to optimal print results. We can provide the ideal plate mounting solution and a range of six foam hardnesses, which means you will get razor-sharp accuracy – whether it is the finest of fine screens, or the deepest of solids.  

Reliable plate adhesion EA
03Reliable plate adhesion

As well as factors like the thickness or condition of your plates, the manufacturing environment (especially extreme heat or cold) will influence how adhesive performs. You need to take everything into account to achieve the ideal, reliable bond, and therefore consistent print quality. 

No compromise

No two presses, or print jobs, are the same. Whatever you are running, or the production pressures you are under, we can help you find the very best quality solution – either with tapes or reusable self-adhesive sleeves.

tesa® Twinlock

Our range of self-adhesive reusable sleeves, developed to provide a more sustainable, efficient plate mounting solution – without compromising on quality. tesa® Twinlock features a special PU foam designed to ensure consistent compressibility and to eliminate bounce on longer runs, while laser-controlled manufacturing ensures the exact thickness you need.  

tesa® Softprint

Our well-proven family of plate mounting tapes, designed to ensure the exact performance required for the best results – whatever the print challenge. tesa® Softprint plate mounting tapes feature exceptional foam quality for excellent cushioning and long-term resilience. We offer six different levels of hardness, to provide the perfect match for any print motif. And our comprehensive range of plate and sleeve side adhesives means bonding perfection, together with quick and easy demounting. 

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