Adhering Coils to Freezer with Aluminum Tapes

New Aluminium Foil Tapes for Fridges and Freezers

We introduce six new aluminium foil tapes to increase the energy efficiency of fridges and freezers.

13 Nov 2018

Welcome Additions to the Aluminium Foil Family

The six new thermally conductive aluminium foil tapes supplement our current range of five tapes - tesa® 50525, tesa® 50565, and tesa® 50575 ( with or without liner), which is widely used in the appliances industry to mount the refrigeration coils of fridges and to cover the liners of freezers for better heat transfer.

The new members of the foil family are proven products that are known for their stability and reasonable pricing, and they play quite an important role. With the right aluminium tape, the energy consumption of fridges and freezers can be significantly reduced – helping the appliances even reach a higher energy efficiency class.

Aluminum Tape 60650
Aluminium Tape 60650 - 50 µm Foil
Aluminum Tape 60672
Aluminium Tape 60672 with Liner

Handles the Heat

Our new single-sided aluminium tapes are more heat-resistant – they withstand temperatures up to 160°C – and can be used to secure the cooling lines in refrigeration. The main difference between the six aluminium foil tapes is the thickness of the aluminium foil backing. They are available in 30, 50, and 75 µm. The conformable 30 µm tapes easily adapt to curved surfaces, while the robust 75 µm tapes have the highest abrasion resistance and the highest mechanical stability, whats more all 6 tape designs are tested flame retardant in accordance with the requirements in UL 510A.

For each of the three types, there is a version with a paper liner, which makes the product suitable for die cutting. Additionally the liner increases stability in tape processing and offers the best anchorage for the insulating foam.