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Transport security at its best: 'tesa® 64280
thin & strong'

An all-new strapping tape that merges the best of MOPP and PET based strapping tapes, spefically for secure transports in the appliance industry

9 Dec 2021

Taking care of valuable white goods

two handsome movers using hand truck while transporting refrigerator in apartment

Once you have manufactured a state-of-the-art refrigerator and it leaves your production site in perfect condition, what is the worst thing that could happen? How about a transport damage between your premises and the retailer or even the end-user? There will always be a bumpy ride somewhere on the journey or a moment of careless handling. Loose shelves and drawers will start to move while in transit, and doors will open, resulting in material damage. Which is why all loose parts should be secured with a suitable strapping tape.
tesa® 64280 thin & strong
tesa® 64280 thin & strong

Combining the best of two worlds

If you are manufacturing refrigerators, you know strapping or transport securing tapes. There are two standard versions: one group is based on MOPP (mono-oriented polypropylene) films as a backing material, the other on standard PET (polyethylene terephthalate) film. Both groups have their pros and cons. MOPP is very strong, while PET is more conformable.
Wouldn't it be nice to combine the best of these two worlds?
Meet 'tesa® 64280 thin & strong', our new transport securing tape with a modified extra strong PET backing - offering unmatched performance and clear benefits over standard strapping tapes:

  1. Significantly higher tensile strength (i.e. the maximum stress that can be applied to the tape before it breaks), while offering excellent conformability
  2. Dramatically increased tear resistance (i.e. the maximum force required to tear a tape)
  3. Fine-tuned adhesive for excellent removability

Tensile strength and conformability

Strong and conformable shelve fixation
01Tensile strength and conformability

By modifying the backing design, our tape can withstand up to twice as much tensile strength compared to regular PET-based strapping tapes. What does this mean in practice? It means that the same level of security can be achieved with a reduced width and thickness of tape, so that up to one third of plastic material can be saved. At the same time, the material properties make the tape highly conformable.
Bottom line: tesa® 64280 can be used for more demanding applications than regular transport securing tapes, while simultaneously saving plastic material.

Ensuring tear resistance of strapping tapes
02Tear resistance

The tear resistance of our new 'tesa® 64280 thin & strong' is up to 500 percent higher compared to standard strapping tapes. And if you have ever worked with a less-performing strapping tape, you might know the issue a low tear resistance can cause: the tape backing breaks, which is also called "shredding". The result? Diminished transport security and time-consuming cleaning efforts. 
Using 'tesa® 64280 thin & strong', the phenomenon of “shredding”, or tearing of the backing material, is virtually eliminated. Consequently, the tape is especially suited for cold temperature usage as well as demanding substrates and applications.

Secure adhesion and clean removal on different surfaces
03Tailored adhesive

In addition to its new backing design, our 'tesa® 64280 thin & strong' transport securing tape uses a fine-tuned adhesive which combines increased holding strength with excellent removability. This means that the loose parts of a refrigerator are securely kept in place during transport and upon arrival, the tape can be be removed without residues. And the extra strong adhesive ensures reliability also when using less tape (reduced width).

Technical data

Thickness Adhesive Elongation at break Tensile strength Peel adhesion (steel)
Total: 60 µm
PET backing: 36 µm
Natural rubber 30 % 140 N/cm 4 N/cm

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