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New routes to productivity and profit in appliance manufacture 

Behavioral trends and market forces can challenge the strategic direction of appliance vendors, resulting in tactical adjustments. Yet there are many factors that can be anticipated, controlled and harnessed to maximize your impact.  

When it comes to productivity and profitability, the opportunities are there for incremental growth. In this article, we will explore some of the routes to success, along with a few of the pathways that you probably want to avoid.  

A focus on productivity, leading to profitability 

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Productivity and product quality have a direct impact upon profitability. As a result, appliance vendors may consider ways to improve profitability by: 

  • Achieving more from their existing resources 
  • Improving efficiencies in process and process control 
  • Changing components and raw materials  


All these routes to profitability focus on manufactur ing more products, while paying less per unit for the resources needed to produce and sell them.

But productivity can also be improved by 

forging closer links with suppliers, like tesa, building a more collaborative and longer-term approach to profitability. When you work closer with us, you can use our innovation and R&D to improve your own products, processes and productivity.  

We have been building expertise in adhesive solutions for over 125 years, and we have deep knowledge of a wide range of industries and markets.  We can use these experiences to create innovative solutions for our partners in the appliance market.  

Our unique understanding of processes, challenges and roads to success allows us to solve the customer challenges of today and tomorrow. Every project we work on has its own specific demands, and we exceed these demands by partnering with you to create unique and specialized products that delight your customers. And our capabilities go beyond tapes. 

We also offer a comprehensive technical product package, as well as implementing new production line operations to exploit emerging technologies and satisfy new customer requirements. 

tesa on appliance industry productivity

When you switch to tesa® adhesive tapes from traditional mechanical fastening methods or liquid glues, you gain advantages in terms of productivity and efficiency through: 

  • Faster and easier processes 
  • No curing time 
  • No risk of damage to surfaces 
  • Less energy consumption 
  • The ability to bond together many substrates with different characteristics 

Freedom of design

As well as the productivity and efficiency advantages that tapes provide over traditional mechanical fastening methods, they also deliver freedom of design. Screws, nuts and bolts, and rivets just cannot compete with the way that double-sided adhesive tapes conform to the complicated bonding situations found in modern appliances.  

Where dissimilar materials such as aluminum and glass are connected, or when high-tech materials are used, tesa products provide a precise, clean solution. Plus, with high layer thicknesses and extreme strength, they compensate for the vibrations in products such as washing machines and dryers, while gently bonding materials together. 

Centers for excellence, built around our partners


In addition to a wide range of products for the appliance market, our Customer Solution Centers (CSCs) are located around the world.  

Through our CSCs, our partners are actively involved in the further development of our existing product ranges, as well as ensuring our innovations blend seamlessly with their production lines. We have built our CSCs around the needs of our partners. Not only can you test and experience new adhesive tapes up close with us, you can get actively involved in the process.   

We even form joint project teams with key international customers, partnering to achieve the optimal solution, as well as anticipating trends and setting new industry standards.  

Our Customer Solution Centers offer:  

  • Product recommendations - to make your industrial processes as efficient as possible  
  • Certification – to ensure that the production process is safe and efficient and delivers an excellent final product  
  • On-site support – because many specific conditions and challenges are only visible on-site, and a perfect solution can only be found if these factors are considered  
  • Training - at our headquarters, or you can request an individual session at your production facility  
  • Application process engineering - We analyze your production process so that the adhesive application can be integrated smoothly into your workflows 

Applications during the foaming process

01The foaming process

During the manufacturing process of refrigerators, for example, the foaming process is a key production step. To insulate appliances, liquid polyurethane is injected between the inner and the outer liners. Secure adhesion, low foam leakage, and overall process improvements are the most important requirements for self-adhesive tapes during this process. 

02Air permeability

tesa® venting tapes cover holes to avoid PU foam squeezing out during the foaming process, but allows air flow. They are hand-tearable, and the backing ensures sufficient air flow. 

03Gap covering before foaming

tesa® cloth tapes cover gaps and joints to avoid the squeezing out of PU foam during injection. As well as being hand-tearable, our cloth tapes have a high adhesion value and are easy to unwind. 

04Reinforcing before foaming

tesa® cloth and strapping tapes hold the form tightly together during foaming, with high tensile strength, shear resistance and residue-free removal. 

05Hole covering

tesa® masking and cloth tapes cover holes to prevent the PU foam from squeezing out during foaming process, with high tack adhesive for secure sealing. 

A partnership built on trust and opportunity

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