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So you want to win yourself and your store manger some of the trades favourite and #originalpink masking tape - tesa 4333 Precision Mask Sensitive?
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Low Tack

Specially formulated low tack adhesive suitable for many sensitive surfaces

Precision Edge

No paint bleed produces high quality and clean paint edges

Recommended Surfaces include

Wallpaper, freshly painted surfaces, fresh plaster

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tesa 4333 Precision Mask Sensitive
tesa 4333 Precision Mask Sensitive

Expensive wallpapers, fresh plaster or freshly and high quality painted surfaces need proper protection.This is where tesa 4333 Precision Mask Sensitive - low tack masking tape for delicate surfaces delivers great results on delicate surfaces.

Even though this is a low tack adhesive tape, tesa Indoor Precision Sensitive masking tape can now be removed up to 14 days - an improvement from 7 days due to upgrading of adhesive, after application without leaving any residue and all in one piece – without tearing or damaging the surface on removal, providing correct surface preparation procedures have been carried out.

tesa 4333 Precision Masking Sensitive low tack masking tape can be precisely and reliably applied for an improved 14 days without damaging the surface on removal. For the professional this means the guarantee of a finish to take pride in, without the cost and time of removing adhesive residue or having to cope with paint bleed


tesa Precision Sensitive features and benefits:

  • Suitable for use on sensitive surfaces such as wallpaper, fresh plaster or freshly painted surfaces
  • Precise razor sharp paint edges - No paint bleed
  • Can be torn by hand
  • Easy removability up to 14 days after application
  • For use on smooth and slightly textured surfaces