tesapack® Bio & Strong

tesapack bio & strong - Strongly adhesive packaging tape made from 98 % bio-based material

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Dimensions: 66m x 50mm

Main features

tesapack bio & strong: The transparent PLA tape is environmentally friendly and ideal for packaging and bonding heavy boxes  up to 20 kg
High performance packaging tape: The tape offers extra strong adhesive strength and is free from solvents due to the use of water-based natural rubber adhesive
PLA as backing material: tesapack Bio & Strong parcel tape is almost exclusively made from highly sustainable materials (98%) and  lower carbon footprint compared to other fossil-based carton sealing tapes
Powerful and uncomplicated: The adhesive tape is a reliable alternative to fossil based plastic adhesive tapes and is suitable for manual or automatic parcel tape dispensers
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tesapack bio & strong: The PLA adhesive tape bio & strong is the recycling-friendly adhesive solution for sealing heavy cardboard packaging. Packaging is secure and sustainable with the new tesapack bio & strong. The adhesive tape is made of 98% bio-based materials: The printed material consists of PLA (polylactic acid) – it does not use any solvents, and the natural rubber adhesive is predominantly obtained from natural raw materials.  The high-performance packaging tape features exceptionally strong bonding and outstanding adhesive strength. When designing this adhesive tape solution, tesa paid particular attention to sustainable production. The PLA (polylactidacid) adhesive tape is made of 98% bio-based materials (based on corn starch). These renewable raw materials are strong, durable and reliable, just as you would expect from tesa. This will bring us one step closer to our goal of significantly reducing the CO2 footprint of tesa and our customers.