tesa® TACK Coloured Adhesive Pads

tesa® Tack Colored Adhesive Pads are double-sided, removable adhesive pads with outstanding adhesive strength for fixing light objects in a decorative way.

  • Fixing of light objects
  • Decorating gifts
  • Ideal for attaching photos, postcards and drawings

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Dimensions: 9 pads
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Main features

  • Fixing of light objects
  • Decorating gifts
  • Ideal for attaching photos, postcards and drawings

Product description

tesa® Tack Colored Adhesive Pads are colorful, double-sided adhesive pads in different shapes – circles, rounded-corner rectangles and flowers. The highly adhesive pads can be fixed easily and cleanly in place, removed with nearly no residue and re-used without any problem. Whether they are attached under or on top of paper, they always ensure photos, pictures and other light objects are kept safely in place. The innovative and decorative adhesive pads are available in two colors. They are popular with young and old alike, and are a clever alternative to conventional fixing methods.
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Colorful adhesive pads – design meets function

With tesa® Tack Colored Adhesive Pads, tesa® is expanding its range of decorative adhesive solutions and offering children, teenagers and the young at heart the possibility of adding color to smooth and solid surfaces. Yet color is not the only important thing, the clear shapes are significant too. When combined, they result in a design that promises variety. As is usual with clever products, design follows functionality. Like the other innovative adhesive solutions from the tesa® Tack family, the colorful adhesive pads have outstanding adhesive strength.

Convenient processing and removal without a trace

tesa® Tack Colored Adhesive Pads are cleverly designed adhesive pads that can be attached quickly and conveniently. No further resources or tools are required for attachment, which distinguishes them clearly from other attachment methods such as drawing pins, magnets or nails. And while nails damage the surface, the adhesive pads can be removed easily and with nearly no residue.

Note: The surface should be clean, dust-free, dry and free from grease to achieve maximum adhesive performance. Use on porous and sensitive surfaces such as woodchip or plaster is not recommended.