tesa Powerstrips® Transparent DECO

Use transparent tesa Powerstrips Deco for residue-free window decoration and light decorative objects with the advantage of easy removal without leaving traces.

  • Transparent for unobtrusive fixation
  • Maximum hold of up to 200g on smooth surfaces*
  • Removable without trace thanks to the Powerstrips technology

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Dimensions: 16 Strips Deco
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Main features

  • Transparent for unobtrusive fixation
  • Maximum hold of up to 200g on smooth surfaces1
  • Removable without trace thanks to the Powerstrips technology
  • Limited UV-resistance (e.g. seasonal decoration)
1 Not suitable for use on styrofoam, foamed material, surfaces with non-stick coating, porous materials.

Product description

If you want to put up Christmas or Easter decorations or create the right mood for a party – self-adhesive tesa Powerstrips® Transparent DECO come in handy. Ideal whenever you want to attach things to almost any flat surface1 and have the option to take them off anytime. Made of transparent, UV-resistant material, they are almost invisible so ideal for hanging up things on a windows pane. They can securely hold anything with a weight of up to 200g. Plus you can remove them anytime without leaving traces. So why not give your home that special look and do so in a way pleasing to the eye.
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Maybe you want to hang up seasonal decorations to prepare your home for a festive occasion. Or you have invited guests and want to create an atmosphere that everyone will enjoy. tesa Powerstrips® Transparent DECO will help you to securely attach things1, while you can rest assured that you can take them off again without leaving traces.

How to apply - step by step:

1. Clean the surface with alcohol or silicone-free glass cleaner
2. Apply tesa Powerstrips® Transparent DECO strip on the surface - press for 5 seconds minimum
3. Fix object onto surface - press for 5 seconds minimum
4. Make sure the tab can be accessed for removal

Hanging without nails or thumb tacks

With tesa Powerstrips® Transparent DECO there is no need to hit nails into the wall. These transparent double-sided self-adhesive strips are even easier to use than common thumb tacks. Simply stick them on the wall, mirror or window and press your decoration against it. You can rest assured that it will remain were you want it to stay – and you can take it off easily anytime you want.

Residue-free window decoration

Attaching decorative objects to a window pane is a special challenge. You want them to stay there reliably. You do not want the tape to show and interfere with the visual effect of your decoration. Plus you want to be free to remove the decoration anytime without leaving traces on the glass. tesa Powerstrips® Transparent DECO are the ideal solution for all these requirements. They are an unobtrusive hanging solution that offers a sufficient level of resistance against UV rays


Safely attached and easily removed

One great advantage of tesa Powerstrips® Transparent DECO is the fact that they can be removed anytime without leaving a trace. Just pull off the Powerstrip® after it has served its purpose and you are done. There is no need to scrape off residues of bonding agent and you will not need any aggressive chemicals. The surface of your wall, ceiling or window will look the same as it did before.

1 Not suitable for the use on styrofoam, foamed or porous materials or surfaces with non-sticking coating.