tesa® Powerbond Ultra Strong Pads

Each tesa® double-sided mounting pad can hold up to 6kg in weight. So put away the drill and get sticking instead.

  • Ideal for interior and exterior* use
  • Ultra-strong hold
  • Holds up to 6kg** per pad

Order no:
Dimensions: 9 x 6cm x 2cm

Main features

  • Ideal for interior and exterior 1 use
  • Ultra-strong hold
  • Holds up to 6kg 2 per pad
  • Holds on most smooth, sufficient firm surfaces

1 Not UV-resistant. Protect from direct contact with water
2 For flat objects up to 10mm thick

Product description

tesa® Powerbond Ultra Strong Pads are ideal for hanging heavy, flat objects to walls or any flat surface. Because they replace nails, screws and the need to drill, you don’t have to worry about damage to underlying surfaces such as tiles or wooden panels.
The adhesive pads can fix any flat objects with a thickness of up to 10mm and one pad is enough to hold a weight of up to 6kg. So long as the pads are not exposed to water or direct sunlight, they'll give you permanent and ultra-strong bonding power indoors and outdoors.

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