tesa® Adhesive Hook for Transparent & Glass 0.2kg

Transparent Adhesive Hook holds up to 0.2kg per hook. Invisible mounting for decorations and medium weight objects on transparent and solid surfaces like glass.

  • For transparent and solid surfaces indoors
  • For light weight objects up to 0.2kg per hook
  • Removable without a trace

Order no:
Dimensions: 5 Hooks + 8 Strips

Main features

  • For transparent and solid surfaces indoors
  • For light weight objects up to 0.2kg per hook
  • Removable without a trace
  • Reusable with a new strip
  • Limited UV-resistant

Product description

tesa® Adhesive Hooks for Transparent & Glass 0.2 kg are transparent hooks that in combination with tesa® Adhesive Strips for Transparent & Glass 0.2 kg, included, can hold up to 0.2 kg per hook. Ideal for transparent surfaces like glass or mirrors they're a way of invisibly mounting decorations and objects. Thanks to Powerstrip® Technology, these are a damage-free hanging solution. No need for tools like a hammer or a drill. They're tracelessly removable, so perfectly suited for short-term party or seasonal decorations like garlands. Reusable with a new Adhesive Strip.
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tesa® Adhesive Hooks for Transparent & Glass 0.2 kg are a damage-free, almost invisible way to hang decorations and small items at home. Each hook can reliably hold up to 0.2 kg.

How to apply – Step by step

1. Clean the surface with silicone-free window cleaner or methylated spirit. Make sure the surface is dry before application.
2. Apply the Adhesive Strip first to the rougher surface. Be careful not to touch the adhesive area at any time.
3. Apply the hook, also pressing on it evenly all over for at least 5 seconds.
4. Make sure the tab is accessible for easy removal.

Versatile and damage free

These transparent, self-adhesive hooks are perfect for countless uses at home. This transparent adhesive hook 0.2 kg is designed to give a reliable hold on glass, mirrors and other transparent surfaces like acrylic and can even be used on other smooth and solid surfaces and smooth wallpapers or plaster. Their see-through, unobtrusive appearance makes them ideal for hanging decorations in a nearly invisible way and conveniently hanging any household object of up to 0.2 kg in weight per hook. These hooks mean that there’s no need to get the drill or toolbox out. Everything you need is in the pack.

Easy to put up...and take down

Putting up your self-adhesive hook really couldn’t be simpler. Leave your hammer in the shed and open the pack. It’s just a matter of first attaching the Adhesive Strip to the rougher surface, and pressing the strip and hook evenly on to activate the flexible polymer chains that form U-shaped links with the surface. These hold your decoration or object for as long as you choose. When it’s time for a change, just pull the strip parallel to the wall. This elongates the polymer chains and releases the bond, leaving the surface undamaged and free of residue.

Ready for the next job

tesa® Adhesive Hooks for Transparent & Glass 0.2 kg fit perfectly into an environmentally aware lifestyle. Removal doesn’t mean the end for the self-adhesive hook. It can be used again. When you want to reuse the Adhesive Hook, simply get a refill pack of tesa® Adhesive Strips for Transparent & Glass from your tesa® Smart Mounting System retailer. These make it possible to use the hook somewhere else in your home with a new strip over and over again.

For solutions to mounting on wallpaper, plaster, wood, brick or concrete and other surfaces, please use the Product Finder and refer to our other tesa smart mounting solutions.
Not suitable for any non-stick surfaces.