Single Sided Foam Tapes For Sealing and Dampening

Foam tapes are versatile in application, with properties that protect against dust, moisture, noise, impact, temperature fluctuations and vibrations, making it the ideal sealing tape to fill gaps, provide insulation, absorb sound and protect surfaces. These properties also make single sided foam tapes highly suitable for cushioning and dampening applications, both at home and in industrial settings.

tesa Australia and New Zealand offers a comprehensive range of single sided foam tapes ideal for a wide range of sealing and dampening applications across various industries, such as transportation, enclosure, marine, concreting, construction and glazing.

Our adhesive foam tapes come in various backing materials with different properties to cater to a variety of applications. Consider differences in density, cell structure, thickness and adhesives when selecting a foam tape for your end use.

Explore our single sided foam tape solutions below.

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