tesafilm® Produktion in Offenburg

Unser Werk in Offenburg

Wir haben ein Werk in Offenburg!

Here is our plant:

tesa Werk Offenburg

tesa Werk Offenburg

In Germany we have two production sites. In Offenburg in the southern part of Germany and in Hamburg in the north of germany.

The Plant

With some 420 employees, including 25 apprentices, and an annual production of about 250 million square meters, tesa Werk Offenburg (tWO) is the largest international production site within tesa SE. In 2011, the plant celebrated its 50th anniversary.

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  • Some 70 percent of the products manufactured in Offenburg are further processed as industrial products – for example, in the automotive and electrical industries. The plant’s customers include Audi, BMW, Daimler, Ford, Opel, VW, BASF, Bosch, and Siemens.
  • The other products are intended for consumer use, including the well-known tesafilm®, Powerstrips®, tesapack®, and tesakrepp®, as well as versatile textile tapes.

One focus of the site is on the solvent-free, environmentally friendly production of adhesive tapes. For instance, a new patented process developed in-house has been used at tWO for the past few years which allows all masking tapes to be coated in a solvent-free manner.


Corporate Communications

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