Stronger Than Expected...

Some customers have brought up the question whether filament tapes are a proper solution strength wise for securing appliances like refrigerators, freezers, or washing machines for transport. We have conducted a comparison test of our strapping tape tesa® 4289 vs. a competitor’s filament tape.

tesa Strapping Tapes

In this test, the strength of our recommended solution for securing appliances for transport – tesa strapping tape – and that of an average filament tape are compared in a tensile-strength testing machine. One special characteristic of our strapping tapes, which are also known as TPP (tensilized polypropylene) or MOPP (monoaxially oriented polypropylene) tapes, is their strength in the machine direction. This ensures that movable and loose parts stay in place during transport, warehousing, and installation, while avoiding damages from shocks and mechanical stress. Especially when boxed appliances are accidentally dropped, the strapping tapes are designed to withstand the heavy impact and to absorb the shock.

One might think that the glass fibers of a filament tape are stronger in this particular application than the polypropylene backing of tesa strapping tapes. Take a look at take following video to see the surprising results:

tesa® 4289 strapping tape