Responsibility at tesa: social


Taking corporate responsibility is part of tesa’s corporate philosophy. Based on the conviction that all sides win, we take action at several levels worldwide, in the form of donations, supporting memberships and sponsorships as well as through volunteer engagements on the part of employees.

tesa Connects: Global Engagement with a Local Focus

Support, help, donate, protect – the four pillars of our Corporate Citizenship program. The objective of “tesa connects” is to make it easy for our employees worldwide to get involved for the good of society in a meaningful way. At the same time, the program creates a bridge to tesa’s core competencies and strengths, its inventiveness and spirit of ingenuity, orientation towards solutions, practical support, and team spirit.

tesa Supports: Education Builds the Future

With special collaborations tesa supports science and technology education projects.

mint:pink at tesa
tesa is actively supporting the mint:pink initiative

Getting Youth Interested in MINT Careers
tesa SE in Germany has been partnering with the natural sciences and technology initiative, NAT since 2014. NAT networks schools with universities, colleges, and technology-driven companies in Hamburg and the surrounding metropolitan area. The objective is to make it possible for adolescents to get a wide range of insights into various occupational fields. In the programs “90 Minutes of MINT” (MINT = mathematics, informatics, natural sciences, technology) and “mint:pink”, designed particularly for female students, tesa employees give realistic insights into their professional world. tesa also provides financial support for the NAT initiative with a supporting membership.

Global Sponsoring for Educational Initiatives
In Turkey, tesa supports the organization “Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey,” which offers extracurricular education programs for children. In Mexico, tesa subsidizes the regional office of “Fundacion para la Proteccion de la niñez,” which provides scholarships for learning English as a second language. In India, tesa supports the organization “Nanhi Kali,” which offers primary school education opportunities to disadvantaged young girls. Since September 2015, tesa tape North America has been sponsoring “EcoCAR,” a four-year study program based on developing an energy-efficient, high-performance vehicle. 

tesa Helps: Being a Good Neighbor

Having good relationships with those around us is important to us. This is why we support numerous institutions in our immediate neighborhood. On-site tesa teams get involved in projects on every continent and support the community.

Responsibility: creating a garden of senses at Vogthofen
Volunteering help is one pillar of tesa’s solcial engagement program

Charitable Projects in Germany
The tesa headquarters is a partner of the organization “tatkräftig Hände für Hamburg e.V.” According to the motto “1 day, 1 team, 1 goal”, the organization conveys volunteer helpers to over 150 institutions that need support. Employees help social institutions on a project basis; for instance, by working extensively in their gardens or providing skilled manual work. Doing a “tesa helps” project with “tatkräftig” has become part of every trainee’s first year at the tesa plant in Hamburg.

tesa employees are bringing support and distraction to children in need

Colorful Afternoons for Children in the Netherlands, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic
In 2015, Dutch colleagues in Hilversum began supporting the foundation “Stichting Het Raakt U” and organized a day of events featuring a clown for disabled children at the Orthopedagogical Daycare Center De Pompon (ODC). In Slovakia and the Czech Republic, tesa employees organized crafting afternoons both for the foundation “Deti slovenska,” which provides care for young patients with hemophilia, and at the Motol University transplant center in Prague, which provides care for children with leukemia.

tesa employees all over the world take part in all kinds of charity events

Charity Runs in France, Spain, and Columbia
tesa employees in France have participated in five “Course des Héros” charity runs. These committed athletes not only run a course of six kilometers every year, they also collect donations for the organization “Action Enfance” from friends, family, and colleagues. They’ve inspired others to follow in their footsteps: Colleagues in Spain took part in the 2015 “Oxfam Intermon Trailwalker”, covering 100 kilometers in less than 32 hours. Donations raised went to the organizer Oxfam, which uses the money in its fight against global poverty. In Columbia, employees ran in the “Carrera de la Mujer” for a foundation that helps women with cancer. Other employees participated in the “6K Mariott Run for Fun” to raise money for the “Instituto Tobías Emanuel.” The institution provides daycare and schooling for blind and deaf children.

Social responsibility, Netherlands
Supporting children in need and young people is one focus of the tesa activities

Integration Support in Belgium and Great Britain
For three years, employees of the Belgian subsidiary have been providing their support for the tesa-sponsored “Special Olympics National Games.” They assist mentally handicapped children and adults during and after the competitions, providing encouragement and making sure they are included socially. tesa UK has been supporting the “Walnuts School” for autistic children in Milton Keynes for many years. In addition to annual contributions, tesa colleagues offer some of the children an opportunity to get their first taste of professional life with a teacher-accompanied visit to a packing station. This sort of repetitive activity is well suited for people with autism.

tesa Donates: Straightforward Help

For natural disasters and other crises, providing speedy relief is a key factor. We provide targeted funds and product donations to support people in impacted regions and to help selected institutions with everyday operations.

Small Gesture, Big Impact
In keeping with this motto, the tesa communities collect “leftover change” donations: Every month, employees donate the cent amounts from their net wages (0.01 to 0.99 euros) for a charitable organization – at the end of the year, the executive management doubles the sum.

tesa companies collect “leftover change” to support local social initiatives

In 2015, tesa SE donated its contribution to the initiative “Plan haben.” With this initiative, the Norderstedt Crime Prevention Council offers adult sponsors for youths with behavioral problems. The “leftover change” collected at the Hamburg tesa plant was donated to the organization “Neuwiedenthal aktiv e.V.,” which works for children, youth and the greater community. The tesa Converting Center contributed to helping young people and their families with its donation to the project “Grossstadt-Mission.” The “leftover change” collected by all tesa companies in 2016 is to be donated to the mentoring project “Zeit für Zukunft – Mentoren für Kinder e.V.” Socially disadvantaged children and youths meet two to four times a month for at least one year with an adult mentor whose role is to build up their self-confidence and promote their personal development.

Collecting and providing donations is a firm tradition in the tesa subsidiaries as well: Every year, the subsidiaries provide six-figure contributions for a wide range of purposes, including support for victims of regional catastrophes, such as the 2015 earthquake in Nepal.


tesa Protects: Engagement for the Environment

Environmental protection and sustainable management of natural resources are part of tesa’s corporate strategy. In addition to taking action on the production and product level, we engage in projects that work to preserve nature and improve the quality of life in the region.

tesa is donating 75,000 young oak trees for the UNESCO biosphere reserve “Niedersächsische Elbtalaue”

Reforestation for Biodiversity
Since 2011, we have been working to preserve the sensitive ecosystem of the UNESCO biosphere reserve “Niedersächsische Elbtalaue,” which is not far from Hamburg. Particularly through targeted reforestation, we are making a contribution to climate protection and species diversity by establishing new deciduous woodlands throughout the entire biosphere reserve. Numerous tesa employees have already taken up their shovels, some together with their families, to replant the first parts of the “tesa forest.” Developing new areas of woodland is considered indispensable for lessening the greenhouse effect. Such activities also have a positive effect on biodiversity.

Established in 2002, Lower Saxony’s Elbe Valley Biosphere Reserve is part of the UNESCO “Elbe River Landscape” biosphere reserve. It covers an area of nearly 570 square kilometers about 100 kilometers southeast of Hamburg. The goal of these nature conservation activities is to preserve and develop this unique floodplain landscape with its special ecological, cultural, social, and economic values and uses in a way that serves the needs of both humanity and nature. 

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