Product information

tesa Supersleeve® 51026 PV6

Double layer PET cloth Sleeve for abrasion protection and enhanced flexibility

Product description

tesa Supersleeve® 51026 PV6 is a PET cloth coated at the edges with an acrylic adhesive for lengthwise application.

Major Features:

  • High temperature resistance 150°C/3000h
  • Exceptionally high abrasion resistance
  • High flexibility
  • Easy and efficient lengthwise application
  • Unique adhesive-to-adhesive closure system guarantees secure bonding without additional spot wraps

Color: Black and orange"

Main applications

tesa Supersleeve® 51026 PV6 is designed for the engine compartment, providing superior abrasion protection and flexibility.
For lengthwise application


Technical properties

Backing material

PET cloth

Total thickness

530 µm

Type of adhesive


Adhesion to steel

5.5 N/cm

Temperature resistance min.

-40 °C

Temperature resistance (3000h)

150 °C

Abrasion resistance (10mm mandrel)

Class E (acc. to LV312)

Abrasion resistance (5mm mandrel)

Class D (acc. to LV312)

Noise damping (decibel)

Class B (acc. to LV312)



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