Electronics, Foam, Black, Double-sided

Product information

tesa® 62948

400µm double sided black reinforced foam tape

Product description

tesa® 62948 is a black double sided thin PE foam tape with a PET film reinforcement. The tape is equipped with a tackified acrylic adhesive.

tesa® 62948 features:

  • Thickness: 400µm
  • Very high bonding strength
  • Highly conformable foam backing compensates design tolerances or uneven surfaces
  • Excellent sealing function versus humidity and dust
  • Dampening properties offer good shock absorption
  • Easy converting and handling due to PET reinforcement
  • Very good humidity resistance
  • Black color for easy detection or design purposes

Main applications

  • Touch panel / lens mounting in mobile phones
  • Speaker module mounting
  • Front panel mounting in notebooks
  • Mounting on uneven surfaces

Technical properties

Backing material

PE foam



Total thickness

400 µm

Type of adhesive

tackified acrylic

Elongation at break

50 %

Tensile strength

27 N/cm

Type of liner


Colour of liner


Thickness of liner

71 µm

Weight of liner

80 g/m²

Adhesion properties

Adhesion to ABS (after 14 days)

9 N/cm

Adhesion to ABS (initial)

5.8 N/cm

Adhesion to Aluminium (after 14 days)

10.8 N/cm

Adhesion to Aluminium (initial)

4.9 N/cm

Adhesion to Glass (after 14 days)

10.1 N/cm

Adhesion to Glass (initial)

7.3 N/cm

Adhesion to PC (after 14 days)

10.8 N/cm

Adhesion to PC (initial)

6.9 N/cm

Adhesion to PE (after 14 days)

2.3 N/cm

Adhesion to PE (initial)

2.3 N/cm

Adhesion to PET (after 14 days)

7.3 N/cm

Adhesion to PET (initial)

4.9 N/cm

Adhesion to PVC (after 14 days)

13.2 N/cm

Adhesion to PVC (initial)

6 N/cm

Adhesion to Steel (after 14 days)

13.1 N/cm

Adhesion to Steel (initial)

5.8 N/cm

Rating properties



Ageing resistance (UV)


Humidity resistance


Softener resistance


Static shear resistance at 23°C


Static shear resistance at 40°C