Increase the comfort in your home while minimising your costs. With tesamoll® products you can achieve energy savings of up to 40% – which also means a reduction in costs.
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Insulating Windows


Insulating Windows

You'll notice the insulation effect immediately and the money-saving effect a little later. All seals are easy to install yourself.
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Insulating Doors


Insulating Doors

Stop drafts, dust and noise in their tracks. You don't need nails or screws for our self-adhesive door brushes.
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Insulating Radiators


Insulating Radiators

Your radiators will give off more heat with our reflective foil. The effect? A warmer home for less money.
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Versatile solutions from tesamoll®

High energy costs due to poorly insulated windows, draught, dust and noise – no more of those when you choose tesamoll®. The wide range of products offers unobtrusive and easy-to-install solutions for almost all problems. The tesamoll® draught excluder products continue to be optimised and meet the highest quality standards.

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How high is your savings potential? Our energy savings calculator tells you how much you can save with tesamoll® products.
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Decades of experience

tesamoll® products have been on the market for decades, and the product range is constantly expanding to include further innovative products. All feature the highest quality possible.
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