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Festival Contest 2017

Festival Contest 2017

Our repair tapes have been used for decades at festivals across Europe. They have been used for everything from repairing tents to creative projects like constructing cape-like contrivances for Tetrapack drink cartons. Now it's your turn! What have you repaired at festivals using repair tape? Upload your images and win a strictly limited tesa festival box for your next festival.

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The tesa Festival Box in Detail:

Upload a picture with our sweepstake form to win this festival box

Transparent Duct Tape

There is a tear in the window of your tent? No worries, this is the right product to fix it with. The repairing tape for all repairs with an eye on the look: Thats why it is transparent!

tesa-56395int-pa-001-fullsize tesa® extra Power Extreme Outdoor

Universal Repairing Tape for (Almost) All Tasks

Need to fix a table? This is the products. Need to fix your tent? This is your product of choice as well. There needs to be a roll on every festival campsite!

tesa-56490int-pa-001-fullsize tesa® extra Power Universal

"Cowboy matches"

Give you the extra cool. These matches can be lid on almost any surface!

Awesome Multifunctional Tool

Pliers, knife, screwdriver... you name it. This tool is able to do everything for your.


Only newbies go on a festival without a flashlight.


Always comes in handy. And at some point they are allways missing: Now you have a spot where to store them.


Just in case.

Upload a picture with our sweepstake form to win this festival box
Upload a picture with our sweepstake form to win this festival box

The Prize - How to Participate:

It may well happen that something breaks at a festival. That is why we have put together a festival box you can use to repair just about anything. In addition to our repair tapes for repairing tents, chairs, pavilions and so on, we have also put together a multifunctional tool, a pocket lamp (for repairs at night) and a couple other useful features for you. Simply upload a picture of what you have repaired or something you have created at a festival (or at home) with repair tape. We will raffle off three unbelievably, incredibly limited festival boxes among all participants.

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Why do we need your adress? It is easy: To send you our Festival-Box in case you win!!!

YOUR PICTURES! - Repair Tape at Festivals:

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