Ideas & Uses

Powerstrips® being used for craft projects.

Inspiring ideas

You’ll be surprised what you can do with Powerstrips! Useful, clean and stylish, there are lots of ways you can use them at home to get a look you’ll love.
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Powerstrips technology

Close up view of a Powerstrip®.

The Technology

Are you wondering how something so small and neat can be so strong? It’s really quite simple! If you’re curious we can show you now...
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Product Finder

Screengrab of the tesa Powerstrips® Product Finder.

Product Finder

Not sure which tesa Powerstrip® product is the best one for you? There are different types for different tasks. Here’s an easy tool to make sure you find the right one for your job.
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How to use

Removing the cover sheet from a tesa Powerstrip® as part of a craft or deco project.

How To...

Clever? Yes. Complicated? Never. Powerstrips® are simple to use. We can show you how easy it is to get your job done, and to remove too. Quickly, with no mess.
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tesa Powerstrips® Application Video

Mounting directly to the wall is so easy with tesa Powerstrips® Strips. This guide shows exactly how it’s done.

Ideas & Uses

Organise and decorate your kitchen easily with Powerstrips® self-adhesive removable hooks and strips.

A tidy kitchen

Give your kitchen a neat new look with some great new organisation and décor ideas using Powerstrips®.
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Ideas & Uses

Even your bathroom can be clutter free thanks to Powerstrips® Waterproof self-adhesive strips and hooks.

Bathroom bliss

With a place for everything, your bathroom can be a spa-like sanctuary thanks to Powerstrips®.
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Ideas & Uses

Get creative with the kids using removable Powerstrips® self-adhesive strips and hooks.

Décor to delight

Did you know? tesa Powerstrips® can help you to bring creative ideas to life. Get inspired!
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Ideas & Uses

Powerstrips® self-adhesive strips and hooks can help you to organise your home.

Get organised!

A tidy home is a happy home. Find out how Powerstrips® can help to make life a bit easier.
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A question mark on a key rack. What is your question about these self adhesive hooks and self adhesive strips?

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These are the things we asked about a lot. If you have a question, there’s a good chance you’ll find the answer here waiting for you!
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